April 12, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Pues, aquí estamos, otro día nuevo. Siguen los attacks contra nuestra Iglesia por los gringos. Hijole, sometimes you wonder wassup! Maybe it’s celos? After all, it was nuestros antepasados that brought the Catholic Church to the New World - El Nuevo Mundo! Naturally, nuestra gente indígena mix-mix their old religious thoughts with it and wa-la, we ended up with the new Catholic thought.

PSSSSST: Not to worry hombre! In Latin America the inditos, campesinos, and city folks are lucky to see a real live priest once every 10 years! Church has mucho problemas getting young men to give up sex, marriage, having families and normal lives to sacrifice themselves to DIOS. But those who do, we hold dear to our hearts.

PREGUNTA: Could it be (puede ser) that a touch of celo is within the Protestant bosoms just cause El Indio Juan Diego is due to be made a Saint by the Pope??? Y Nuestra Virgencita, La Virgen de Guadalupe grows more and more in stature with La Raza?

Qué pasó with our youth? Have they no brains that they must drag race on city streets unto death? Ay gente, I don’t care if you have a death wish, but do you have to kill so many innocents because of your locura? Perhaps our youth should not be allowed to drive cars until they are 25. Padres, acuerdense that carros y troques son the biggest killers in America and not terro-ristas or suicide bombers. Parents who buy CARS, SUV’s etc, for their children before they demonstrate maturity are placing a killing weapon in their manos!

De Aquí y Allá

El Jefito received a strange notice from a group calling itself “Old Timers Activists Reunion (1960-1980)” dated Mar. 20, 2002. It said “ A reunion is being planned for all civil rights and social action activists and supporters who were involved in the movement during the 60s through the 80s, on Saturday, April 6 at the Jackie Robinson YMCA.” Some strange folks were listed as the organizing committee. Among them was former Police Chief Bill Kolender (now Sheriff). In the movement days el Jefe of the police was enemigo numero uno! Worse, La Prensa San Diego didn’t receive the notice until the 9th of April! Was this a joke Mr. Carrol Waymon, Mr. Henry Hodger, Rachel Ortiz???

Mexico: Qué está pasando with the Mexican PRI’istas?? Do they really think they are making points by embarrassing their own President Fox? Que pendejada! You shame La Patria. You’re making a laughing stock out of your political system. Orale, Presidente Fox you can come and visit us any time you want as a private citizen. If you can’t, I know a Coyote or two who will bring you across no charge.

Lamentamos el fallecimiento de “Maria Felix”, La Reina de nuestros corazones. For us it means that there is one more bright star in the skies above us. Gracias Maria Felix for bringing so much happiness into our lives.

Adios, Tezozomoc.

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