April 12, 2002


Bersin Wins The Battle, But May Lose The War!

The guerrilla war that has been taking place on the San Diego Unified School District battleground has come to an unsatisfactory conclusion. The well-financed forces, led by (General) Superintendent Alan D. Bersin and consisting of Storm Trooper Board Trustees Ron Ottinger, Sue Braun, and Ed Lopez, have defeated the forces of Righteousness, led by Trustees Frances O’Neill Zimmer-man and John DeBeck.

The indulgent winners placed their signatures on a contract that will cost the taxpayers $1 MILLION, 128 THOUSAND, and 898 DOLLARS over the four-year life of the contract! Not too shabby for a superintendent who is professionally unqualified to run a school district! In case you happen to be mathematically challenged, our untutored Superintendent will be paid $267, 500 for the first year, $277,237 for the second year, $287,092, for the third year, and $297,069 for the final year of the contract. Not a bad salary for running a district with 143,000 students. Of course, he has the assistance of 7,668 teachers and 8,961 administrators.

Our three Trustees, who evidently can’t add either, had to hire Alan D. Bersin’s “good friends” at RJ Watkins & Company to scour the countryside and come up with a good financial package for their “good ole boy” at the local schoolhouse. Heck guys, we know that most CEO’s of major corporations make humongous salaries, and why shouldn’t they? They run profit-making corporations which exist to make money anyway they can. Just ask the guys at Anderson and Enron. Schools, however, can’t sell stock or cheat on their reports (well ... maybe a little cheating on the reports). Our Superintendent is a lawyer, and we know about lawyers. John Doe public has to foot the bill for their schools, and they need teachers and leaders who are visionary and educated, and who know that their function is to provide a well-rounded education for our kids. Most of them know this and devote their lives to the task. They reap their rewards by knowing that they are creating a nation. If Mr. Bersin wants money, have him go - with our blessing - to work for Enron.

For all the poor parents who want their children to become educated and not just trained to make widgets, the current Board of Trustees (excluding Zimmerman and DeBeck) has dealt you a severe blow. No sense protesting, crying or screaming ... If you are serious about your child’s education, use the most powerful tool you have to bring these educational goons to their knees: Keep your children out of school! If 143,000 students miss school for a month, the school will go bankrupt! No Students, no ADA MONEY FROM THE STATE!

The schools are supported by the average daily attendance (ADA). That is their Achilles heel! You might as well bring the school down and force the state to take over. The Bersin Plan is destroying your children’s educational opportunities ... Soon it will be too late! Or ... sacrifice and take them out of public schools and place in a private school!

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