April 11, 2003

La Guerra siempre sigue! Did you know that there are 40,000 Iraqi Americans (give or take a few illegal crossers) living in the middle of San Diego County? Many of them arrived here thanks to the efforts of former Assemblyman/Senator Waddie Deddeh who is of Iraqi origins. Many of today’s small businessmen owe their ability to establish a small business to the efforts of Waddie Deddeh, who is retired from the political arena (in a sense). That many of the Iraqi businesses are located in the Mexican Barrios is an indication of the hospitality by Mexican Americans to live in harmony with other cultures and nationalities.

NOTA: The Chaldeans, Kurds & Shias make up 70% of the population of Iraq. The other 30 percent are Saddam Hussein’s tribal people, the Sunni Muslims.

Nota: Arab Caliphs ruled over most of Spain for over 800 years. The Spaniards,after they had taken control of their country, brought the Catholic religion to the Americas in 1492. The Chaldians, who were Catholics, abandoned Iraq and fled to America were they establish churches in the Chaldean-rite. They are overseen by Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, who was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. His Eparchy (Diocese) includes the Western United States and is based in El Cajon.

PREGUNTA: After 800 years of ruling España did it ever enter your minds that those Spaniards, that conquered our ancestors and created the Mestizos, didn’t just pass on their Spanish blood but also just a little bit of the Arab blood from their former rulers the Arabs?

Que pendejada The Brain(?) trust of the Hard core Right wing of the Republican party is trying to push Ahmad Chalabi, descended of a rich Shiite family, to be the next leader of Iraq. Chalabi made his fortunes in banking and has never held a political position. He was condemned to 22 years in prison (in absentia) for bank fraud and misappropriations of funds in Jordan and has lived in exile in the U.S. ever since. The Right Wing cabal, that seems to push the Bush buttons, wants Chalabi to rule (Democratically?) the new Iraqi after the war!

(This little tidbit comes courtesy of “Le Monde” from France)

Compas from Sur de la liña are complaining that their tourist business is not so bueno. Norte Americanos not feeling good about spending their pesos in a country that did not support our troops in Iraq! Talk to el Presidente and the PANistas. Que paso ??? Those troops being killed are also our Gente, Mexican Americans and Immigrants, El Presidente Fox turned his back on them. Por que?

PSSST Lic. Mike Aguirre: stop tilting windmills! You know why the Brown Act is called the “Brown” Act? Because the ruling oligarchies respect it as much as they respect the Brown Raza! We had a Hispanic on the Board before. Remember Lou Conde (Cubano)? What good did it do us? One vote out of five solves nothing! It is called tokenism! We have to have a real political machine in the county to support our aspirations...

Some Gente from National City say the city should change its name to Inzunza City. Most appointments are going to family members and cronies. Ya, I know, “ To the victor go the spoils”. The stench from these spoils however is becoming offensive to more and more folks. Pregunta you have to ass: Are the lives of the residents better off now than under Former Mayor George Waters?

Este Indio can’t get to hot under his war bonnet cause the women are not allowed to join the Masters Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Wanna know what discrimination really is? Mexicans can’t even get in to mow the greens! The Augusta Nationals don’t mean a hill of frijoles to me. They have their token in Tiger Woods of course he is only half Black and happens to be the top golfer in the world.

Our Intimo Mayor de San Diego decided that working with pseudo politicians was more than his legal heart could take. He announced that he had-had it NO MAS! He won’t run again and have his honor sullied anymore. Can’t blame you Mayor Murphy. Aside from Councilwoman Donna Frye, I can’t see any others as keepers. No reflection on you Mr. Mayor, but “you can’t make Chicken soup out of chicken S- -t!

San Ysidro Natives wondering what happened to their new Superintendent Parra. Seems he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Not Even the members of the Board of Trustees knew his whereabouts. Activist parents think he went on vacation. No one else knows about it. Give me a call Señor Parra let me know. I’ll let everyone know what’s going on.

No Olviden La Semana Santa

El Indio Tezzy

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