Volume XXVIII Number 14 April 9, 2004

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Cristo Ha Resucitado

+Gilberto E. Chavez
Obispo Auxiliar de San Diego

La creación entera canta: ¡Cristo ha resucitado, aleluya, aleluya!

En estos días vemos reverdecer las praderas y montes de nuevo follaje y cubrirse de flores. La primavera se alegra con los trinos de los pajarillos y el retozar de los animalitos. Los montes que quedaron muertos por los incendios están reverdeciendo y volviendo a la vida. Después de la muerte viene la vida y la alegría con todo su entusiasmo. De la oscuridad nace la gran luz.

Este evento de la Pascua nos recuerda el gran triunfo de Cristo sobre el pecado y la muerte. Celebramos la gran fiesta de la VICTORIA de Cristo sobre la traición, el rechazo, la indiferencia y la maldad del hombre. Este acontecimiento nos da una nueva vida y una nueva esperanza.

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Convicted Minors Face Deportation and Added Prison Time
By Mousa Rebouh
An unexpected phenomenon is a growing concern for immigrant families: the opening of facilities — in border cities as close as Mexicali in Mexico and in cities as far as Phnom Penh in Cambodia — for convicted minors who served their sentence in the United States, but are subject to deportation and double-punishment because they lack the privilege of citizenship.

The Son Also Falls
Riot at the funeral of Adan Sanchez were a pain to the culture he tried so hard to put in a positive light.

By Marisela Santana
No one is forever. That’s what his latest single resonates — that no one lives forever. While the lyrics in his “Nadie es Eterno” single encourage listeners to look beyond death and to not mourn the death of a loved one, fans of the fallen Latin star Adan Sanchez never thought it would happen to him — at least not this soon.

Palomas, Chihuahua Seemingly Unaffected by Nationwide Crackdown on Illegal Migration
On March 24, 2004, Frontera NorteSur reported on the arrests of immigration officials and their associates across Mexico. A day later, an article from the Cd. Juárez newspaper El Diario notes that despite the strikes against emigration-related corruption in Mexico, the mechanisms of illegal emigration have been unaffected in the border town of Palomas, Chihuahua.

Total War vs. Total Faith: Al Qaeda Moves Ahead
By Franz Schurmann
Since World War II American military doctrine has been based on “total war.” Total war allows for any means that bring enemies to their knees. The Korean War was a total war that destroyed everything above the ground in North Korea. The Vietnam War was not a total war because America feared Chinese intervention, as happened in Korea. America’s wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were quasi-total wars that brought about “shock and awe,” not only among soldiers but also too many civilians. But in all these wars, total war has come up against a formidable opponent — faith.



Governor appoints Airport Authority Board Member Charlene Zettel Director of California Department of Consumer Affairs
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced the appointment of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Board Member Charlene Zettel as director of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Zettel was appointed to the Airport Authority Board in December 2002 for a two-year term by the mayors of inland north San Diego County cities. She has left the Airport Authority Board to take over her new responsibilities in Sacramento.

Study finds few Latinos on television
Network prime-time programs during the fall 2003 season included more minority regular characters than in the previous year, but the number of Latino regular characters remained constant, according to a new study by UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center.

Tejano Freedom Fighters At the Alamo (and Beyond)
By John P. Schmal
On April 9, “The Alamo” will start playing in movie theaters around the country. This movie was produced by Ron Howard and Mark Johnson and directed by John Lee Hancock. Interviews with some of the people involved with this movie have indicated that this version of the Alamo will be a “historically accurate portrayal” of the events surrounding the battle that took place 168 years ago. So many of us are looking forward to seeing this movie and making our own judgments about the famous event.

Por Rafael Ponce de León

Las remesas y la inmigración global, un factor de progreso
El secretario general de las Naciones Unidas, Kofi Annan, pronunció recientemente un discurso ante el Parlamento Europeo en el que se refirió a la situación de los inmigrantes en los países de la Unión Europea ampliada. Su mensaje, puntualiza el estado actual de una cuestión que cobra especial relevancia en momentos en que se están considerando las variables demográficas del mundo en relación con el desarrollo económico-social de los diferentes países.

Community Notes:
Whittier on Wheels (WOW) takes a road trip to spread word about diabetes
When “Whittier on Wheels” – a 40-foot mobile medical unit designed to take the message of diabetes prevention, education and treatment on the road – recently visited the Wal-Mart in Otay Mesa, it got a lot of attention.

USD’S “Ten Years of NAFTA” Conference Focuses on Changes Since Agreement
The University of San Diego hosts a day-long conference “Ten Years of NAFTA: U.S.-Mexican Regional Integration Along the Border” Friday, April 16 at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice.

El huevo a través de la historia
El huevo ha jugado siempre un papel importante en la cultura, tradición y celebraciones de muchos países. Como símbolo de fecundidad, rejuvenecimiento y abundancia, al igual que por su forma, estructura y sabor, el huevo es valorado mundialmente por sus características gastronómicas y artísticas.

Cluninary/Food Page:
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This week: Easter Ideas and Recipes -- Enjoy


Easter Season Our Belief in God Is Tested
The season of Easter is the time when we pause in our daily lives and reflect upon the Biblical narration on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, son of Mary and Joseph.

A Day at the César E. Chávez Parade
By Raymond R. Beltrán
As I stood on the desolate intersection of Kearney Avenue and César E. Chávez Parkway on Saturday (April 3), I awaited the long line of marchers to join for the César Chávez Parade with a friend I had brought along with me, Joel. Now, I had remembered that the parade and its organizers, the César E. Chávez Commemoration Committee, had recently been adopted by sponsors such as KPBS, the San Diego Union Tribune and Bank of America, but I thought, “It’s for César. How bad could it be?”

Por Andrés Lozano
Anteriormente, afirmé que Canadá y México son blancos blandos potenciales para el terrorismo. Colindantes con EUA, más fuera de su territorio, no provocarían reacción militar americana. Aparte, esos intentos ocurrirían en medio de la campaña electoral del 2004, de ahí el título 10/11. Creo la prioridad de Al Qaeda y organizaciones terroristas análogas es dislocarlas. Dislocarlas en el sentido de provocar un vuelco favorable Kerry y derrotar al mayor número de candidatos republicanos. La lógica es impecable: La administración de GWB tiene guerra declarada contra el terrorismo en todas sus formas, lo ha derrotado en forma contundente en Afganistán e Iraq y lo trae a salto de mata. Entre tanto, el enfoque de Kerry se reduce a criticar el esfuerzo antiterrorista del presidente. Cualquier Juan, Pedro o Francisco terrorista encara una opción clara: Cuatro años más de Bush los aplastaría en tanto Kerry una administración de Kerry podría ser menos resoluta.

By Andrés Lozano
Previously, I argued that Canada and México are terrorism’s potential soft targets. Close enough to the US, while outside the realm to invite American retribution. Also, that any such attempts might occur in the heat of 2004’s presidential campaign, thus the title 10/11. It is my contention that Al Qaeda and akin terrorist organizations’ top priority is disrupting the Fall elections. Disrupting as handing an electoral upset victory to John F. Kerry and defeating as many Republicans running for office as possible in the process. The logic is impeccable: GWB’s administration has declared war on terrorism in all its forms, landed major defeats upon shady and open terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and has it on the run elsewhere. Meantime, JFK approach boils down to criticizing the President’s antiterrorist aim. Any terrorist Tom, Dick or Harry has a clear choice: Four more years of Bush will crush them, whereas a Kerry’s administration might be less committed.

La Realidad Según Richard Clarke
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D.
La “carta” antiterrorista del Presidente George W. Bush funcionaba bien hasta antes de la publicación del libro de Richard Clarke, Contra Todos los Enemigos. Las memorias del ex jefe de la contrainsurgencia terrorista durante la administración de Bill Clinton y en el actual gobierno, se han convertido en el “best seller” del mes y han adquirido importancia porque el tenor de su tesis ha puesto en jaque la racionalidad del Presidente en torno a la guerra en Irak y al embate contraterrorista de su equipo de trabajo.

South Bay’s Hidden Place
By Patricia Aguilar
Those of us who live in South Bay know we have discovered paradise—perfect weather, a quick trip to downtown and the airport, just as quick to the border, a small town feeling, and the most ethnically diverse area in the county. But one of South Bay’s assets is largely unknown, not only to most San Diego residents, but also to most South Bay residents—its frontage on San Diego Bay. Traveling south on I-5, as you approach SR-54, look to the right and you’ll see a small, isolated wooden building. This is the Chula Vista Nature Center, which sits in the middle of Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge. Then I-5 loses elevation, and the view of the bay is lost. The next thing visible off to the right is the South Bay Power Plant. The hidden place is between these two landmarks—550 acres of bayfront land, most of it vacant, the only vacant land left on San Diego’s bay.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Coverage of 9/11 Quilt display helps in record turnout
Thank you for your coverage of the 9/11 Quilt displayed at Cuyamaca College March 24-28. The advance coverage in the March 19 edition of La Prensa San Diego helped draw a record attendance to the exhibit.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

La Esquina
arte de la comunidad
Camilo Ontiveros Paints Life En Cuadros

By Geneva Gamez
Camilo Ontiveros is an emerging artist who has found his very own way to paint anything from people to themes of social consciousness, to the blending of the two. Influenced by just about everything and inspired by life alone, Camilo has maintained firm in expressing his most intimate feelings and emotions to create work inciting a sense of social awareness.

La Esquina
arte de la comunidad
I imitate.
I do not create.

Abril, Mes de Luto Para la Familia Artística Mexicana
Por: Paco Zavala
En el cuarto mes del año, el medio artístico mexicano celebra con dolor y tristeza la ausencia de varios artistas que emprendieron el viaje montados sobre las alas del “Angel Blanco” y del que nunca regresarán a este mundo físico, para algunos hermoso, para otros no lo es tanto.

Presentan el Primer Festival Bach en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El H. Ayuntamiento de Tijuana, el Instituto Municipal de Cultura de Tijuana (IMAC) y la Casa de la Cultura Altamira, han organizado un extraordinario programa para realizar con todas estas actividades el 1er Festival Bach en Tijuana.

Nicole Kidman encadenada en Dogville
Cineasta pone a prueba seriamente la paciencia de la audiencia
Por Jose Daniel Bort
No se puede tener medias tintas con las películas del cineasta Danes Lars Von Trier. O se aman o se odian. Punto. Su penúltima cinta, Dancer in the Dark es sin duda una de las mejores del 2000. Es una corrosiva y dolorosa mirada al mundo a traves de los ojos de una mujer sin privilegios, magistralmente actuada por la cantante pop Bjork. Es una obra maestra.

Comenzando una nueva Travesía
Víctor Manuelle siente una etapa diferente en su música
Por Jose Daniel Bort
La agenda del sonero de Puerto Rico Víctor Manuelle es tan apretada que da vertigo de tan sólo nombrarla. El viernes pasado estuvo en una entrega de premios en Miami, el sabado hizo dos presentaciones en Nueva York, el domingo estuvo en Puerto Rico a hacer el Día Nacional de la Salsa, y el lunes ya estaba en Los Angeles, promocionando su nuevo disco “Travesía”, para su próxima gira por todo el suelo americano en el proximo Julio.

Calendar of Events...
By Berenice Cisneros
Exhibition of artist Marques Vickers Flamenco
** San Diego’s Gallery Saccade will present an exhibition of Northern California artist Marques Vickers Flamenco and Figurative dancer series entitled “Art Jondo: Rhythm in color,” February 27-April 10. Vickers’ dancers are a contemporary articulation of the human figure integrating abstract color fields with intense brushtrokes reflecting the movement and grace of a dancers rhythm. Vickers’ work has been exhibited and profiled internationally and is part of several individual, public art and corporate collection.

Rojero Wears Two Hats
By John Philip Wyllie
At 6-5 heading into this week’s Longhorn Tournament hosted by Rancho Buena Vista, the Chula Vista Spartan Softball Team has looked strong in spots and vulnerable in others. Veteran team captain and returning all-Mesa league shortstop Marina Rojero believes that the best is yet to come.

Juan Lazcano: Hispanic Causing Panic
By Fiona Manning
It’s official: former WBC lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo and Juan “The Hispanic Causing Panic” Lazcano will go 12 rounds for the interim WBC lightweight championship at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 5 on.

Madueno Hoping to Regain Form
By John Philip Wyllie
After turning in an impressive freshman season three years ago, it appeared as if Montgomery High’s Hector Madueno was going to develop into one of the best long distance runners in the school’s recent history. Then the injury bug bit him hard and shortened his otherwise promising sophomore and junior years. Not one to give up easily, Madueno is back this season as a senior. While his knees are still not 100%, he hopes that by season’s end he can put his injury problems behind him and run well enough to capture the attention of some collegiate coaches.

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