April 08, 2005


County District Attorney Dumanis Betrays the VOTERS Panders to Right Wing Republicans

At a crucial time when the City of San Diego is struggling mightily to right the ship District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis throws a monkey wrench into the process, causing more distraction than help. Dumanis’ monkey wrench, in this instance, is her idea to move all the misdemeanor cases from the City Attorney’s office, to her department, and ostensibly save the city $2 million.

What is reprehensible is the form and fashion in which Dumanis presented her plan and her blatant attack against City Attorney Mike Aguirre. What is equally disappointing for the Hispanic community is Dumanis’ siding up with the “good ole boy system” within the City of San Diego. We believe they are the root of the problem with the City’s financial problems. Which brings into question, does Dumanis have the best interest of the city and its citizens at heart? Or is she now a part of the problem!

At a crucial time when the City of San Diego is struggling mightily to avoid bankruptcy, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis made a most unfortunate political move; she made an unannounced appearance at a meeting of the San Diego City Council to ask the Councilmember’s to take away from the City Attorney, Mike Aguirre, and the duties of being the prosecuting attorney for all the city’s misdemeanor crimes. Reason given; is that her office could carry out that function and save the taxpayers 2 million dollars per year!

If Dumanis’ had the best interest of the city at heart, she would have talked with City Attorney Aguirre, and in conjunction with Aguirre, put forth her idea. But that wasn’t her intent. Her intent was to attack Mike Aguirre, the City Attorney, and continue the attempt to shift the focus from the real problems at city hall. How quickly she forgot that Attorney Mike Aquirre put his career in jeopardy and his standing in the large Mexican American community, by endorsing and supporting Ms. Dumanis in the 2002 elections when she ran for the office of District Attorney for the County of San Diego. She won election and took office in January 6, 2003

La Prensa San Diego and the Hispanic community supported Dumanis for District Attorney following the lead of Attorney Aguirre. Our support was based on our desire to bring integrity to the office which was sorely lacking under the then District Attorney Paul Pfingst. But then politics is politics. Back then Ms. Dumanis was a staunch DEMOCRAT. Now she appears at a City Council meeting escorted by Right Wing Republicans among them Bill Kolender, the previous San Diego Police Chief and now the County Sheriff and the current Chief of Police. San Diego has been the playground for those of the Right Wing Conservatism almost its entire existence as a city.

Two years ago, when La Prensa San Diego and the Hispanic community supported Dumanis for District Attorney, it was based on the idea of bringing integrity to the office of the District Attorney, which was sorely lacking under Paul Pfingst, a Republican, at the time. We believed Dumanis when she stated what her goals were. NOW WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

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