April 7, 2000

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Up to now, I understood that requests from board members for information were to be honored, and that a report of the request should be made to the superintendent (Bersin).

That was fine with me. However I do not agree that the Superintendent's office should manage all these requests. In fact I consider the recent memo prohibiting staff/board communications to be a GAG RULE!

If the memo on this subject (April 5, from Terry Smith via Norma Trost) is going to apply to my requests for information, I am planning to retain an attorney to represent my interests. I am losing confidence in those attorneys who should be representing me as a board member. They are my attorneys on board matters and should insist that I get the information I need. There is no reason that the superintendent should be able to deny or delay my access to public documents.

If we are going to engage in censorship so that board members are not being given equal access to all information , then a media issue will have to be made of it. I am aware of a number of board/officer produced documents that have not been freely given to all the board...... This type of action is inappropriate.

John de Beck
San Diego Unified
School District
Board of Education

(Comment: How long are Trustees Ed Lopez, Ron Ottinger, and Sue Braun going to continue to allow Superintendent Alan Bersin to run uncontrollably over the school district? HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION to take control of the district? How long are the parents going to suffer the very poor leadership that they are receiving in their children's school district????)


There is a proposal to continue (San Diego's own) Berlin wall by a 14 mile fence and patrol road along the border with Mexico, from the coast line to the Otay mountains.

I oppose this act of war against friendly Mexican people and the nation of Mexico .... The very existence of this wall is a blot against our humanity in the eyes of the world. This is a violation of international law. The present wall has caused the needless deaths of thousands whom are seeking to earn their daily bread.

In lieu of extending the wall, it should be torn down to restore the honor and custom of our nation to all immigrants who come only to provide for overall prosperity and welfare.

Dr. Art Salzburg
San Diego

(Comment: Nothing will change on our borders as long as we allow corporate greed set the rules of our country. We are no longer a country ruled by men with integrity or honor. We are a country consumed by greed. Immigrants travel to work in the USA, because there is no work for them in their country. The rape of their country and enslavement by our international bankers who bankrupt them, places the people of Latin America at the mercy of the mega-corporations and Agri-business. )


A new football stadium????

Tar and feather Spanos and run him out of town!!!

Prudance M. Brandenburg
San Diego

(Comment; You get the picture of the majority of comments made on this non-issue.)


I would like to know where it began! ...The comment was made that California drivers were going to " get used to the current prices of gas in California! That made me real angry. I will never get used to gasoline prices being over $1.50!

I would like to know why we are paying the extra $0.15 in taxes per gallon? This double taxation!

...What should make everyone angrier is that our state legislators don't pay for their gas ...They get it for free! ( courtesy of the state taxpayers!) If I can't afford the to pay the higher gas prices why should I pay for theirs???

Rita Sande
Turlock, Ca.

(Maybe we should ask all our local legislators that question? Bet if they didn't get those freebies from the gas and oil conglomerates, they would do something about it.)


Erwin Haroldo Ochoa Lopez, Lawyer and environmental activist and Julio Armando Vasquez Ramirez, Administrative Assistant, worked for CONAP, National Counsel for Protected Areas. Both were assassinated in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala on February 29th, 2000. Mr. Ochoa had been receiving death threats for years but he continued his work through all of it. The story was carried in La Prensa Libre in Guatemala.

This assassination should be condemned and pressure brought on law enforcement agencies in Guatemala and the government. Shed light on this incident so that we, environmentalists and human rights activists can work with the real threat of being killed.

Julie Rowley

(Story covered in "La Prensa Libre" by Albert Ramirez, "Matan a Ecologistas Departmentales" [3/02/2000 page 26] )


Peace and Unity Run! Hector Cerda from Fresno will run with others from Alaska in early May. He will arrive at the Pyramid of the Sun", Mexico D.F. on Oct. 12. Others will run from Chile and meet with Hector in Mexico.

No que No Raza...Prenda las velas.....One people one Nation.

M.Gloria Hernandez

(For more info contact "Peace and Dignity Journey", P.O. Box 1865 Tempe, Arizona. Or call (602) 966-8714 ask for Gloria. Or call Eva Mendoza Fresno, Ca. At (559) 255-7795. <IWAPGH@aol.com> )

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