April 6, 2001

Tezozomoc Speaks

Este Indio is LISTO (ready) to tackle the enemies of "Mother Earth".

Duke Energy, of North Carolina, (President G.W. Bush's friends) was forced to abandon a hydropower Dam on the Macal River in the small country of Beliz, by outraged "tree huggers", from Canada and the U.S. Duke Energy saw no problem in destroying a major river, rain forest, and thousands of endangered species. Duke Energy, by holding back our electrical supplies, now seeks to rape California! You haven't seen anything until you have seen "OUTRAGED CHICANOS FIGHTING TO DEFEND THEIR FAMILIAS" from overzealous corporate pirates and a bungling President...


On CNN President Bush said: "(California's) energy problems caused by (their) air pollution rules... "We need to reduce these standards." Wanna turn California into Houston, or El Paso, or Austin? Reducing our air pollution rules would open the doors to companies like "Duke Energy" to completely destroy California's air quality. The Energy "Boys" would be making billions at the expense of the health of Californians. That's the kind of thinking by Tejanos that blinds them into not being able to tell the difference between TORO-POOPOO and plain ole hamburger.


Honeymoon's over with "Mayor Dick the Murf." Somehow he can't shift gears from being a Judge to being the political leader i.e. the Mayor of San Diego. In court you go by the rule of evidence (admissible that is) and you make decisions on that basis. As a politician, you must learn that politics is an art not a science without pat answers and rules. Case in point: It's easy to pass a stupid rule that you're not going to call members of a minority group - MINORITIES. (What will you call them????) A political decision was required to be made. You failed to take a principled political stance on the PADRE ISSUE. Instead you played it safe and went by the secret rules set by Golding and the PADRES. You failed to bite the political bullet and do the right thing by the citizens and taxpayers and to protect the "public purse" ¡Que Lastima!


Just can't let this "minority" thing go!Deputy Mayor George Stevens says using the term minority refers to one as inferior!!!! Este Indio piensa when you are a black or Hispanic contractor and you are receiving less than 1% of the contracts handed out by the city - you are a minority. When you are at the bottom of the education scale - you are a minority, etc. Brother George has lost it, there is a saying "he is no longer being real." If all it took was a quick change of terminology to cure our problems, why stop there?


Stevens has even gone nationally with this "minority" thing. This from the Wall Street Journal's web page OpinionJournal.com.: Major-League Idiocy. The San Diego City Council has voted unanimously to ban the word minority from all official city documents or discussions. "Councilman George Stevens pushed for the change, saying that calling someone a minority implies that he or she is inferior." Hmm, did Stevens actually use the word "inferior"? Seems like that's another one they ought to ban. Meanwhile, there's no word on what House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt thinks of all this."


The Hispanic Caucus met with the President this past Monday, an earlier meeting had been postponed, with some of the members rather put-off by the meeting. Apparently Caucus' noses were bent because the Pres. a) hadn't met with them earlier, b) because of the postponment and c) because there wasn't much commitment from G.W. Sorry guys when you back a loser, you have to eat crow for a while before the winner grants you any favors.


The American Society of Newspaper Editors came out with their annual survey of minority (hope Stevens doesn't get upset with us using that word, again) reporters in the biz. Turns out we're underrepresented, not much news there. Same old story, just different year.


On the heals of the report on underrepresentation in our nation's newsrooms it comes with some sadness that Agustin Gurza of the L.A. Times has been relieved of his duties as frontpage, local news section columnist who covered the Hispanic/Chicano/Latino beat for the Times. On the whole Gurza wrote thoughtful, intriguing pieces. Now, there is just one less venue to express a Hispanic point of view. Gurza will be covering the Latino pop beat for the Times. Que lastima!!!


All the more reason why we have to keep publishing La Prensa San Diego, where else are you going to get the news!

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