April 6, 2001

Jorge Burgos, March

"Citizen of the Month"

Congressman Bob Filner (left) has named Jorge Burgos as March Citizen of the Month for his outstanding service to the community. Jorge lives in Barrio Logan with his wife and son, Jovita and John Christian.

Last summer, Jorge was attending a friend's barbecue when the host emerged from the house holding her infant son frantically calling for help. The child was not breathing Jorge immediately grabbed the child and began administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while another partygoer called an ambulance. After spending several days in intensive care, the child was released. Doctors determined that without Jorge's actions, the child would not have survived.

In addition to this heroic act, Jorge has been of service to San Diego and the nation for many years. He came to the United States from Colombia as a young man and quickly enlisted in the Navy. Currently assisting doctors and nurses as a Corpsman at Balboa Hospital, Jorge's patients include active duty military personnel, reservists, dependants and veterans.

But his community service does not stop there. Jorge has been instrumental in the success of the Latino Youth Soccer League in Barrio Logan. The league provides a safe place for several hundred South Bay children to participate in organized soccer — an opportunity that would otherwise be missed.

Despite his many commitments to the community, Jorge has still found time to pursue an education. He is currently in his final semester at San Diego City College, where he hopes to earn a Health Management degree by the end of the year.

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