April 5, 2002


Q-VO Gente... Cómo estamos... Had a nice Easter? How about the César Chávez celebration? En pasando, la tele showed a parade in honor of Chávez (en L.A.). Only problem - the cameraman showed only Black marchers. No Chicanos...Wassup man??? Even the Tele ignores us on our own holidays!

SVREP (Southwest Voters Registration Project) sent out invites for their fundraiser in The City of the Angels (Los) to be held July 12... Only one problema . . . Their list of invited speakers includes Honorable Richard Riordan, Republican Candidate for Governor of California. Psssssssssssssssst, in case you didn’t notice, Riordan lost out to Bill Simmons in the Republican Primary!!! Come on Gente, get your act together!

Democrats must be worried. A team of Senator Boxer’s P/R flacks visited La Prensa Thursday morning. Maybe, Bill Simmons’ Republican Spanish ads on the tele have them worried? Or could it be, the DEMOS finally realized that 32% of Californians are Hispanics (Raza)! Or that 35.3 million Raza living in the USA are Latinos. 32% of these live in Califas!! (Mostly vote Democratic!)

PREGUNTA: How come it took the world so long to find out Barrio Logan was a polluted, dangerous place to live in??? Chicano activists have been complaining for decades to city hall types. But somehow the city never had money to do anything about it!!! They still don’t... City tax money goes to build baseball and football stadiums. Este Indio thinks it is time we elect a CHICANO MAYOR who will have his priorities right!!!

PREGUNTA FOR THE U/T: How will the COPS, SHERIFFS etc., know who is an illegal alien as opposed to just a regular made-in-the-USA Chicano? Does the U/T now propose that all Brown skin folks get a tattoo on their foreheads certifying “Made in America,” or shall we just sue the hell out of the cops arresting us illegally??? (P.S. suggest that editorial writers at the U.T. get a brain check before they are allowed to write such nonsense).

San Diego hasn’t got money for affordable housing, but it has no qualms about setting aside land and money to build and support a monstrous golf course on Torrey Pines for the rich and super rich. Poor folks can’t afford the green fees! Now they are opening a Lodge on the Green that will rent rooms from $450.00 to $3,500 per night for a one-bedroom suite! Everything for the obscene rich... And we can’t even get neighborhood parks for the working class. . . THAT IS PUBLIC LAND YOU KNOW!!!

PREGUNTA: Mr. Ethics Mayor can you spare a billion or so to help the working class of this city???

MEMO to SDSU President Stephen Weber: Dump the wimpy Montezuma or give him to the wimpy North American Indians who asked for him. He is an insult to our Aztec heritage and traditions. Hell, he is an insult to San Diego State. How could you guys screw something up so badly???

Signed: Tezozomoc

[Our condolences to Maria Fuentes (Chula Vista) whose father passed away this week He had been seriously ill.. Funeral arrangements not known at present time.]

Adios y Hasta La Otra

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