April 4, 2003

Leanne Monzon-Alexis Gerard Abalos Exchange Marriage Vows

The Leanne and Alexis Abalos wedding party

It was two o’clock in the afternoon, on a bright sunny Saturday, the 22nd of March, when the Leanne Monzon –Alexis Gerard Abalos wedding party assembled on the main entryway to the Immaculate Catholic Church, located on the University of San Diego Campus. The time had come for the last unmarried child of Barbara and the late Leonardo Monzon to enter into Holy Matrimony with Alexis Gerard Abalos, son of Alex and Erlinda Abalos.

It was a perfect day and a perfect setting for the anticipated wedding. With the spray of the patio fountain shimmering in the background, the wedding party assembled; the drides party, each dressed in floor length black satin dress and carrying a bouquet of red and white miniature roses, stood side by side to the grooms party, all fashionably dressed in black tuxedos, white shirt & bluish vests with matching ties.

Waiting for the procession to begin, Leanne Monzon dressed in a floor length satin-white strapless wedding gown, and a bouquet of roses, waited demurely as the after noon breeze caused her white veil, bound by a pearl band, to flutter gently in the soft breeze. As the organ music began, the procession entered leading the way were the bridal attendants accompanied by their groomsmen: Kristan Zamora & Charles Zamora, Brittany Monzon & Bryant Zamora, Reina Lin & Royce Abalos, Martha Leos & Rex Abalos, Ra Jaddou & Raynard Abalos. Flower Girls; Izabela Garcia-Arce, Miranda Mon-zon & Alana Schick followed by the Ring Bearer Allin Breland, Bible Bearer Taylor Breland, and Coin Bearer Michael Monzon all filed into the church. The Best Man John Zamora meanwhile waited alongside the intended Groom, Alexis-Gerard Abalos, to meet the Bride to be at the foot of the Altar.

Matron of Honor Elizabeth Arce Garcia’s entrance into the church signaled the entrance of the Bride to Be! Leanne Monzon demurely walked down the center isle, to the sounds of Johan Sebastian Bach’s “Jesus, Joy of ‘Man’s Desiring”, on the arm of her elder brother, Ben Monzon, who stood in place of their deceased father. At the foot of the Altar, he gently placed her hand in the hands of her soon to be husband, Alexis Gerard Abalos. With tears of happiness & sadness her mother softly cried. She was happy that her daughter was now about to be married and sad because her father was not there to witness the marriage of his youngest child.

Father Matthew D. Spahr performed the Rites of Marriage and celebrated the Mass in which the marriage vows were exchanged. Wedding rings were exchanged and, as customary in Latino & Filipino weddings, the couple solemnly walked to the altar and lit two candles which symbolized Leanne and Alexis as two separate lights in the world. A single large candle in the center was then lighted to symbolize that now through marriage they will join to become as one. They became one new light, symbolizing they were as one in a new life together.

As part of the marriage ritual, Reynaldo Monzon and Maura Breland Abalos, placed a veil over Leanne and Alexis shoulders symbolizing their love for each other by which God has called them together. It marked their union and emphasized their mutual self-surrender. In another rite, Ricardo Monzon & Frances Schick draped a cord around their upper parts of their bodies. This signified a symbolic yoke that has to be carried and shared with love. The cord joining Leanne and Alexis represents their marriage and their willingness to carry their responsibilities that come with their union.

To the sounds of Franz Shubert’s “Ave Maria” the bride and groom participated in the Communion Rite, followed by the wedding party and all other guests. The Wedding Mass was concluded with the presentation of the now husband and wife Alexis & Leanne Abalos to the families and friends who witness their bounding in Holy Matrimony! The wedding party, now filled with happiness, fled out of The Immaculata Catholic Church to the sounds of Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Seasons: Spring.”

A wedding reception for the newlyweds was held at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa where family and friends joined in celebrating the union of Leanne and Alexis. Dinner and toasting the wedded couple was followed by the traditional dance of the wedded couple with their parents. Leanne had requested that her Godfather, Daniel L. Muñoz, take the place of her father, Leonardo Monzon, fulfilling a commitment that began many years ago in Bacoor, a small village, on the island of Luzon, Philippines. The cutting of the traditional wedding cake followed. dancing and animated conversations filled the evening until the time came for the happy couple to depart on their honeymoon to Las Vegas and Hawaii! On their return, the newlyweds will make their home in Bonita, Ca.

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