April 4, 2003


President Vicente Fox Fails to Act In Mexico’s Best Interest

In choosing not to align itself with the United States, in the war against Iraq, Mexico failed to act in its own national interests. A cardinal principal in dealing with International politics is that Nation States should always act in the self-interest of the state and not personalities. Regardless of the form of government, that a Nation State has, it must, in the final analysis, do what is in the self-interest of the Nation and its own survival. It cannot vote on the basis of personal emotion, friendships or the cult of personalities. President Vicente Fox of Mexico, in our opinion, failed to vote in Mexico’s self-interest when it choose not to support the United States in its war against Iraq in the United Nations vote.

In the crisis of 1990-91, the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein created the greatest threat to the independence of the Arab Nations and to the free flow of oil to the entire world! Thirty-seven nations recognized the threat and joined in a coalition to stop Saddam Hussein’s aggression against Kuwait. His intent was to overthrow the rulers of Kuwait and do away with the Al Sabah ruling family and thus control Kuwait’s oil fields. It became clear that his goal was to topple all remaining oil producing Arab states (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Syria), dispose their rulers and take control of more than 40 percent of the worlds oil reserves!

The United States entered the war recognizing the threat to world security if Saddam controlled 40% of the world’s oil reserves (The world will be dependent on Gulf oil for at least another generation). There would be little choice for most countries that depend on oil and its derivatives. They would have to submit to Saddam’s control. Only the West could hope to deal with him. Saddam didn’t hesitate to gas to death 5,000 of his own people (the Kurds) in order to gain his ends.

Saddam now has chemical and nuclear weapons potent ional and over a million men in his armed forces. His support and financing of the terrorist attack on New York City sent an alarming signal that Saddam had bigger plans in mind. Recognizing the danger America went on a preemptive attack and asked for support from the United Nations. Mexico who is a member of the U.N. and is now the Chairman of the U.N. Security Council, choose to turn its back on the United States and voted against supporting the war against Iraq. Only Britain and Australia supported the effort and joined in the effort to stop Saddam from achieving the goals that eluded him during the Gulf War!

Mexico, since the conquest by Spanish forces, has been dependent on American arms, wealth and friendship to earn a respected place in the American Continent. It has steadily been developing and playing a pivotal role within the family of nations that comprises the continent of America. Mexico has been part of the political dynamic that has been responsible for the growth and stability of the American continent.

President Vicente Fox, in a stunning turn about, ignored the self-interest of Mexico by turning its back on a country that has provide it with the financial support and military protection in a perilous world. Mexico needs to ponder who will defend the American Continent in times of a major war, such as World War II? Mexico claims that it is a pacifist nation. This is difficult to accept from a country with a long history of oppression against its own citizens. Without American Arms, to defend the country, who will defend Mexico against the incursions of the other Cuadillos of Latin America? Who will provide you the funds to buy the arms and ammunitions to fight your wars against the Drug cartels and criminal elements that are rampant in Mexico, and the rest of Latin America?

What other Nations will loan you the billions of Pesos needed to support your struggles to develop the country? What other nations will give of their health services, medicines, and medical personnel to assist you when you don’t have the technology to develop the resources to protect the Mexican people? What other country will accept the hundreds of thousands of legal and illegal immigrants who come to America seeking a better life? There are over 30 million Mexicans who call America home and still America maintains an open door to help those who desperately need refuge. Our schools open their doors to help educate the thousands of children who daily cross the borders to receive an education. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

The United States was not asking Mexico to provide soldiers or arms to assist in ridding the world of a tyrant who felt no qualms in gassing with chemical weapons over 5,000 of its own citizens, nor was it asking Mexico to go to war against a ruthless tyrant who is determined to control over 40% of the worlds oil capacity to use as a mighty weapon to hold over the hearts of every nation in the world.

Personal interest, rather than the interests of the Nation, came first with President Vicente Fox and his Administration. In the process, he has jeopardized a special relationship that Mexico has enjoyed with the United States. America will be duty bound to respond to Mexico on the basis of the SELF-INTEREST OF THE NATION and not personal interests. Unfortunately the “special relationship” between the two countries has been fractured. Somehow shouting “Viva Mejico” will not sound the same during “Cinco de Mayo”celebrations.

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