April 2, 2004


Is it time to shift gears in Iraq?

Everything we have been told about Iraq, everything we have been led to believe is wrong! The pictures of four American civilian Security employees of Blackwater Security Consulting, an American Contractor, who were hired to provide security for food deliveries in Fallujah, were photographed hanging from a bridge, after having been killed with hand grenades, burnt and dragged through the streets of Fallujah. It is now clear that certain elements of the insurgents are willing to commit untold barbaric despicable acts upon Americans, whether military or civilian. These are acts that go way beyond any beliefs of the Islamic religion or any other religion in the world.

America is in Iraq, we are told, to bring democracy and stability to this portion of the world. Clearly, we are failing in these goals. How many more Americans will die fighting to save a nation that doesn’t want to be saved?

America has two choices. One is to turn the war over to the military and allow them to do what they know how best to do: Wage war until they surrender! Possibly, there is another General Douglas MacArthur that can do what was done in Japan after WWII. The other choice is to do nothing and continue the same failed political policy that has been a recipe for disaster; we now have over 600 American lives sacrificed on a failed vision of this Administration.

We may have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein, but now we have bigger problems on our hands and the threat of terrorism still hangs over our heads like a dark cloud.

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