April 01, 2005

Todo el mundo está triste, EL PAPA! received his last rites of the Church, today. We knew it was soon coming but it is very difficult to have to accept the reality of his impending death. We ask all of our readers to send their prayers and ask the Good Lord to watch over him. Que Dios lo Bendiga.

Today has been nothing but sad news Terri Schiavo, who fought so bravely to survive the effects of being brain damaged, today also lost her battle for life. The Father Almighty has now received a valiant soul who fought with all her might to live to be able to continue being witness to their Lord from on High. God Bless and keep you. He knows the struggles you went through to live. However, he wanted you when the time was right. Heaven will be filled with your joy and love. God keep your love and soul in peaceful repose.

Another Chicano from el pasado is in bad shape. Corky Gonzales, Hommie from Denver, Colorado, suffering from severe Coronary problems and Renal Distress. He is resting at his home waiting what must soon come.

The scuttle butt on Mayor Murphy recall is heating up, as is the momentum. Should be seeing more on this in the near future. Despite the fact nothing is in writing yet, the rumor mill is churning and a name that popped out of the hopper was that of our good friend Juan Vargas!!! Seems one of his many fancies has been to be mayor of San Diego. Why not? He has a better chance at being Mayor than beating Bob Filner in the House of Representatives!

Progress has been made on the Memorial Pool issue and their coach Fernando Gonzalez. He is no longer fired as swimming coach. But he is a Co-Coach. Memorial Pool parents say this is not good enough, they plan to continue their protest. They boycotted the Memorial Pool Friday and joining those in the boycott were Balboa Pool and City Heights Pool. Si se puede!

El Jefe had quick chat with Leonard Villareal newsman at KUSI apparently everything going well for the veteran reporter who was unceremoniously dumped by KGTV 10 after 27 years there. According to Villareal the ratings for the news at KGTV has dropped 2 points in ratings since he left.

Hasta la próxima.... Chao...Tezzy

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