April 01, 2005

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Schiavo Debate Continues

In all the latest media frenzy surrounding Terri Schiavo, and the public debate by all the pundits, some interviewing guests that say she is in a perpetual vegetative state while others argue the opposite. I think we are forgetting the point of what is really at stake here, which is medical privacy. The laws that are currently on the books now clearly state that when someone is unable to make decisions for themselves due to being brain dead, their spouse can then make decisions on their behalf. These laws are the basis for all the court decisions upholding Terri Schiavo’s husband right to discuss with doctors and make decisions based on those discussions about his wife. Who better to decide than the spouse? Do you want your life and death decisions made by politicians, Congress, or the President? I want people who know me to decide. All of this focus on this case has made people aware that they need to put in writing what their wishes would be if they were in Mrs. Schiavo’s condition. But unless We the People stand up and let our leaders know that we want personal decisions like these left to us and our families, it won’t make a rats derrieres difference what kind of living will we have if they take our medical privacy away from us.

Amy Fader

The spirit of death engulfs our nation and begs to be fed. This culture of death devours our children by abortion, infanticide, murder and euthanasia. Terri Schiavo is the latest victim. By a judges’ court decree an innocent, defenseless and disabled woman has been condemned to death by starvation and dehydration. Not just a feeding tube removal – nothing, no ice or water, may be given to Terri by mouth.

The whole country watched the senseless slow death of a defenseless woman. Terri is innocent. Her crime is to be disabled and unable to feed herself.

The judicial system has failed her terribly. The so called husband is like an ex-spouse. Michael Schiavo has been living with another woman for years and has two children by her. At first he begged the court for the money for Terri’s care. Incredibly, upon winning the medical malpractice award, he’s spent it to pay legal fees to end her life instead of rehabilitation.

The side for life – Terri’s family, friends, pro-lifers, disabled people groups, Governor Bush, Congress, and President Bush have fought valiantly to save Terri. Unfortunately, the pro-death forces succeed in killing Terri in a most cruel and heartless manner. Yet in their Pyrrhic victory, they have exposed the ugly face of death. That face belongs to liberal democrats along with black robed tyrants. Rest assured, Terri Schiavo will not be forgotten.

Sylvia Sullivan
La Mesa

Let’s restore Senate tradition

Regarding filibusters - no matter what party you’re affiliated with: The current leadership’s plan to stop the blockade of the president’s judicial nominees isn’t nearly as radical as we’ve been led to believe.

All it really involves is restoring constitutional order to the process that’s been severely abused for several years. Fifty-one votes is the legal and historical requirement for getting a nominee approved â?” not the 60 that is currently needed to overcome a filibuster.

Even Ted Kennedy has acknowledged that “the filibuster rule is not enshrined in the Constitution.” Back in 1975, in fact, he called it “a rule that was made by the Senate, and it is a rule that can be unmade by the Senate.”

Dianne Feinstein has acknowledged that the filibuster abuse is not “the honest thing to do,” and back in 1999, when Bill Clinton was in the White House, she said she believed that “it is our job to confirm these nominees. If we don’t like them, we can vote against them.” Sadly, and the American people are intelligent enough to know why, now she’s a leading filibuster proponent.

The bottom line: Restoring Senate tradition to end the minority’s obstructionism must happen sooner rather than later. That’s the message our senators need to hear from us.

Leslie Lopez
San Diego

Filner/Vargas race heating up

Nomás porque soy mexicano no quiere decir que voy a poner mi apoyo con Juan Vargas para el Congreso de los EEUU. Su puesto en la Asamblea Estatal no me ha dado ningún resultado. ¿Qué ha hecho? Lástima que ahora se le ocurre buscar otro puesto en el Congreso contra el Congresista Filner.

Jose Ramon Lopez
San Diego

Been hearing rumors on Assemblymember Juan Vargas throwing his hat in the ring for mayor now with this re-call that may happen in San Diego. thank god, let’s get him out of here. Besides he lives there and not in the Southbay.

Donald Baker

Indeed Juan Vargas is right. He is a Moderate, a middle of the road politician, who is one of 18 members of the Assembly Moderate Caucus. Better known as the “Mod Squad,” this crew is known for being absent and for often walking out on important votes that affect the people they represent.

For instance, when Mr. Vargas had the chance to reverse the Bush Administration’s SUV Tax giveaways to polluters at the state level, Vargas did not vote and was absent on AB 848. Then Mr. Vargas had the chance to crack down on diesel emissions from high power engines that pollute our air, but instead he was absent and missed his vote on SB 1397. Where has Juan Vargas been? Has he been so busy running for Congress that he doesn’t have time to represent the people that sent him to Sacramento?

Pilar Arballo
San Diego, CA

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