May 15, 2009

House of Guitars Packs the House

Chula Vista High School Guitar Festival Draws Performers from Across San Diego

Over 60 guitarists, concert lights, microphones and standing room only crowds – this wasn’t a show at Cricket Amphitheater or at the House of Blues – it was the Chula Vista High School House of Guitars Festival 2009. Featuring performances by the Chula Vista High House of Guitars, the Southwestern College Guitar Ensemble, Mr. Jerry McCann and current and former students of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, the event was a sampling of music from all genres.

The evening was kicked off with a diverse musical set by the House of Guitars that included music by the Gypsy Kings and an original piece written by Jeff Williams, the Director of the House of Guitars. The House of Guitars group consists of over 40 students that are chosen from Mr. Williams’ guitar classes at Chula Vista High. The group performs at a variety of school and community events and features a number of talented solo and smaller group performers.

“This festival is about showcasing the incredible talent that we have not only at Chula Vista High, but throughout the South Bay,” said Williams. “I couldn’t have been happier about this event.”

In addition to larger ensemble performances, the festival featured a trio of current students, Christian Blitch, Wesley Moore and Adam Klistoff. Their vibrant and energetic performance a number of songs including the top hit “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

The event concluded with two separate performances by alumni that featured the music of Sublime and Rock en Español favorites, Soda Estereo. Michael Marquez, Jose Campos, Roger Guerrero, Ernesto Vasquez and Casey Greenlaw showed the crowd that their time in Mr. Williams’ class was well spent and that they are continuing to evolve as musicians.

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