May 1, 2009

Hijole, the vatos are restless lately!!!

Vatos in the South Bay just don’t get the appointment of Nick Inzunza as director of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Nick Jr. voluntarily left office awash in the slumlord scandal, now shows up trying to revive his political career. Locals get it, how can you ask this guy who took advantage of the poor and helpless subjecting them to slum life and unhealthy conditions, to lead you organization? Where is the self-respect???

Swine flu going to have an impact on Chula Vista Councilmember Rudy Ramirez’ international games to be held at Mater Dei High, May 9, where several hundred children from Mexico are expected to attend. May be a good idea to cancel this event instead of taking unnecessary chances with children’s health, don’t you think???

Speaking of Chula Vista and the budget crunch, where does Ramirez get his money to host this event? Hopefully not from a city budget that has no money!!!

Assemblymember Lori Saldaña and Dolores Huerta of the United Farm Workers are more than a bit peeved that columnist Ruben Navarrette is going to be honored by the Latino Caucus with the Spirit Award. Isn’t it bad enough that Ruben is Republican, but that he insulted Huerta at the NCLR conference when, at an immigration workshop, he accused Dolores Huerta and César Chávez of collaborating with the INS, and not allowing Huerta to respond. Huerta, what is one more recognition, boycott the awards ceremony.

Hey vato “Chicano” (we use the term loosely) Latino legislative leaders isn’t the Spirit Award, in recognition of César Chávez supposed to reflect the spirit of Chavez, not attack the man??? How come these Latino legislatures never honor la gente who have been in the trenches working to get all the Democrats elected in the first place like La Prensa San Diego. Heaven forbid you give any recognition those who have devoted their life and money to this cause.

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