March 27, 2009

The why’s and how’s of local Internet news

How media outlets like ours are banding together to participate in the San Diego News Network

It’s no secret that many consumers now rely more on the Internet for news and information than traditional media. The renowned Pew Research Center made that official earlier this year. However, at the same time, audiences consider newspapers more valuable than before. The very same report said that print publications actually increased slightly in popularity.

It’s clear that consumers today want their news in many formats at a time that is convenient for them, and that it’s difficult for one media outlet to provide everything. That is why news organizations are starting to brand together to satisfy this growing consumer demand.

Case in point La Prensa San Diego is now a proud partner and contributor to the San Diego News Network ( Launched just this month, the site is a new regional news, information and entertainment website in San Diego County. The San Diego News Network provides comprehensive hyper-local news, sports and information in large part by partnering with key organizations like ours. SDNN also offers national and international news, comics, coupons, blogs and your favorite columnists.

Subscribers can sign up for free, and can also be an interactive part of covering important issues of the day by commenting directly on stories as well uploading photos and videos and being the “eyes and ears” of their community. Each section of the San Diego News Network together encompass virtually every angle of the region, and offers subscribers the opportunity to pick and choose issues of importance to them. Some of the most popular options involve:

· Sports
· Business
· Travel
· Arts and Entertainment
· Food and Drink
· Home and Garden
· Movies

As a result, San Diego is covered from virtually every facet with in-depth and wide ranging content that can be found no where else. In addition to our award-winning reporting, the San Diego News Network draws valuable information from other reliable sources, including:

· A core fulltime staff of experienced journalists responsible for breaking news, sports and enterprise stories.

· Former San Diego Union-Tribune journalists serving as contributing editors for lifestyle sections such as education, arts and entertainment, books, travel, real estate, and home and garden.

· The best free lance writers in the region.

· Other media partners, including community newspapers, specialty magazines, TV and radio, covering several different aspects of San Diego from varying perspectives.

· The Associated Press and other national and international newswire sources.

· Expert bloggers discussing a wide variety of topics including local politics, money, movies, restaurants and sports.

The format may change, but the commitment to local news coverage won’t. As consumers demand more access to more in depth information about their town, we as news organizations must adapt. Being a proud partner of the San Diego News Network puts us in the forefront of the evolving media coverage. We invite you to join us by signing up today at Be sure to actively participate – it’s how local news is now reported.

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