March 20, 2009

A Chicana/o Studies Archive at SDSU: An New Regional Resource

Responding to the growing need to know more about our region’s largest ethnic group, San Diego State University has established a Chicana and Chicano Studies Archive collection. This Archive will be a repository of rare materials relating to the founding and growth of Chicana/o Studies in the San Diego-Tijuana border region.

To develop the archive the Department of Special Collections in the Library and Information Systems, headed by Rob Ray, is working with a Chicana/o Studies Archive Advisory Committee, a group of ten community and higher education representatives. A major emphasis of the archive will be a hallmark selection of primary source materials on Chicana feminist activism of the San Diego area. The CCS Archive/s first project is the Professor Rene Nuñez Tribute Collection , materials relating to the tributes held to honor the memory of one of the founders of Chicana/o Studies in San Diego. The library is seeking additional collections from individuals and groups who have been part of the Chicana/o Movement as students, community workers, teachers, or administrators.

The CCS Archive serves the community, students, and faculty by providing the resources for understanding the history and development of Chicano Studies in our communities. The CCS Archive will be a repository for rare and primary materials documenting the Chicana/o struggle for civil rights, Chicana feminism, labor movements, and activism. The CCS Archive will also work to document Chicana/o Studies as an academic endeavor and as well as the events in the Mexican and Chicano communities that have influenced the development of Chicana/o Studies.

This new archive will help the general public understand the Mexican Americans experience in United States history and civil rights in America. The CCS Archive plans to collaborate with other border universities, colleges, and libraries in the region so that students of Chicana/o Studies will have access to a wide variety of materials.

Financial support is essential for the future success of the CCS Archive. Those wishing to make monetary donations should contact the SDSU Department of Special Collections by calling (619) 594-6791 or email

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