March 20, 2009

Support group for families facing Alzheimner’s disease

If Alzheimer’s disease has touched your family’s life and you need a support group for comradeship, understanding and ideas on how to deal with all of the daily changes, consider logging onto the following website

“Our young caregivers support group meets monthly in the evening. This group provides an opportunity for adult children or young spouses to discuss issues pertaining to early-onset Alzheimer’s or caring for a parent. The under age 60 focus allows for greater identification and social bonding among the caregivers who may have felt less comfortable in a group of senior caregivers. Issues unique to young caregivers include juggling responsibilities of work, young families, and the demands of care-giving; legal and financial concerns including enforced early retirement, disability, etc., and the social isolation of a disease that primarily effects the elderly.”

This above mentioned group meets in the Hillcrest area and those interested in attending can call (858) 622-5800 and ask for Lisa or Frances To address the needs of Bilingual Hispanics; Frances Martinez-Goodrich, MSW (Social Worker) from UCSD and Dr. Jorge Porras (Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSD and Geriatric Psychiatrist) are considering the idea of co-facilitating a support group for younger Hispanic caregivers in the South Bay area. If you feel this type of group might be helpful and of interest to you, please contact Frances Martinez-Goodrich, MSW at the Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at (858) 622-5800.

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