March 6, 2009

North California senator Assemblyman Tom Ammiano finally put forth proposal that makes sense - decriminalize pot. Might as well, the war on drugs has been a colossal failure with the US government spending billions of dollars with nothing positive to show for it, in fact things are worst than ever before.

You tax pot smoking and you solve your budget problems. Sounds like a plan that is worth think about. Also might go a long way in solving the drug cartal problem.

There is another Aguirre in politics; this one is Richard Aguirre, running for governor of California. Nephew of Mike Aguirre, is a surfer, plays in a band and made his money making surf boards. He is 41 years old and he has a plan, the “New California Prosperity Plan” that is heavy into solar energy and a one-time charge of $100 on homeowners to balance the budget.

Hardly noticed but Antonio Villaraigosa was re-elected as Mayor of Los Angeles in the Primary held Tuesday. News of note was the lack of attention and anemic voter turnout of 15%. This should be a heads up for local elections, without the Obama factor, voters and their votes will be hard to come by.

Dominos falling into place now that San Diego City Councilman Ben Hueso has filed papers for the 79th Assembly District. You can now look forward to Hueso spending more time in Chula Vista, can’t win the 79th without winning Chula Vista!

Steve Castaneda is serving his last term as Chula Vista City Councilman, has declared that he will run for Mayor of Chula Vista.

Wanna be candidates are already lining up to replace Hueso in District 8: Raquel Marquez of San Ysidro School Board; Nick Inzunza of the South Bay school district; David Alveraz; and Alonso Gonzalez are just a few names being bantered about.

Another interesting name floated about for District 8 is former City Attorney Mike Aguirre. It’s a long shot but would be interesting. Aguirre has always carried the District in previous elections and in District only elections, thanks to Aguirre’s original lawsuit 20 years ago, he would be the frontrunner.

Big news out of Petco Park where the Padres play is that they will lower their beer prices by 50 cents! Big whoop. One beer still cost the same as a six-pack.

Pink slips are going out to school teachers once again in the South Bay, this has become an annual ritual. Looks like 100 or so teachers, primarily in the Arts, will be let go. Wonder what this means for their renowned Mariachi program??? Que lastima if this get the ax!

With such drastic budget cuts with the Sweetwater Union High School District it makes Superintendent Gandara’s lavish teacher welcome back shindig at the beginning of the school year, renting theatrical space at an off school site with all the bells and whistles gave the impression that the district had money to burn. We said it then and will say it now Gandara is out of touch with the community.

Maybe that is why Gandara is shopping around his resume looking for a new job??

Chula Vista councilmember Pamela Bensoussan is hosting a community meeting this week of putting together a committee to make sure the monies from the new tax are spent wisely. Whoa Neely Here!!! Shouldn’t the 1 cent tax increase first be voter improved first, before you start worry about how the money is spent???

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