March 6, 2009

Tiny Little Publishing Company Promotes “Acts of Kindness” By Having a Big Book Give Away Contest!

Fallbrook, CA — Now more then ever we need to help each other. It seems that schools are always one of the first to suffer from budget cuts. Alpine Publishing, Inc. is trying to be creative by helping teachers not spend so much of their hard earned money to buy supplies and to acquire quality books for the children in their classrooms.

To accomplish this goal Alpine Publishing, Inc. is proud to announce a national “Acts of Kindness” contest. Open to all teachers, civic leaders, group leaders and parents that have kids from the ages of 3 to10. We are encouraging these groups or individuals to go out and perform acts of kindness in their community (or anywhere in the world). Then to tell us about what they’ve done and who they helped. If they or their group are chosen that month as the winner, each participating child in their ENTIRE CLASS will be GIVEN an autographed copy of Dr. Hope’s award winning story-book, “Laughing Day.”

If they enter again and are chosen as the winner, their entire class or group will have their choice of any award winning children’s value based books, published by Alpine Publishing, Inc. They can enter as many times as they want! To read more about the “Acts of Kindness” contest, please go to

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