January 23, 2009

Alcalde de National City, Ron Morrison didn’t give any weight to the recent election numbers where Mona Rios received the THIRD most votes. Morrison said weeks ago he wanted someone with experience when it comes to the appointment of filling Natividad’s vacant seat. Pregunta: Where does one go to get city council experience??? Morrison stacking the deck to get his man in: Jess Van Deventer

There is an old saying in politics that: he, who creates the rules of the game, controls the game. This is what Morrison did and the rest of the council went along with it… Que lástima councilman Parra fell in line and voted for Van Deventer. So much for building a Hispanic political base in National City. First Natividad did the selfish thing by quitting right after the elections and now this.

By the way National City residents when you passed the 1 cent sales tax to get out of debt, well it didn’t work the city back in debt by about $3 million and will be back at to $7 million next year. So what is the council going to do now???

National City should be a lesson for Chula Vista who faces much bigger problems and now wants the voters to add a 1 cent to the sales tax so they can continue with their spending ways. Mayor Cox using the same game plan that Morrison used in scaring the voters with threats of cuts to libraries, children’s services, etcetera, but not much talk about fixing the problems that got the city in this trouble to begin with.

American security consultant Felix Batista, recently, was kidnapped in Saltillo, Mexico after giving a seminar to local business owners on how to avoid being kidnapped.

Assemblywoman Mary Salas announced that she is running for State Senate to replace Denise Ducheny. Salas’ Chief of Staff, Francisco Estrada, came by to get a picture of how Salas is perceived in the community. El Jefe didn’t paint a very pretty picture….

Salas sent a summation of her first two years in the Assembly… she highlights as her big accomplishments – getting a rose garden put in at the Veterans Center and hosting several health fairs!!! Hijole, what’s next??? How about the budget, education, or insurance for the poor!!!

Barrio Logan folks got all excited about a blog report from gringo Pat Flannery, he is sort of city council watchdog/gadfly who uses the power of the internet to express himself. This time he went to a planning meeting for the barrio, probably because Mayor Sanders and board president Hueso were there and he wanted to see what they were up to. Seems folks got upset because his blog report stated that housing would be limited as developers took over. I guess because a gringo wrote it, it must be true… Folks take it easy! Planning for Barrio Logan has been going on for 20 years, they have had so many meetings that we have lost track. Things aren’t going to happen for a while, if at all. The important thing is to stay involved and organize as a community.

Tezzy doesn’t want to rain on President Obama inauguration, but did you notice any Hispanics highlighted during the day long ceremonies??? We saw and heard from plenty of Black folks and white folks, but no Hispanics whatsoever!!! Of course we couldn’t watch TV all day, but during the big moments No Hispanics….

Hasta luego.... Tezzy.

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