January 23, 2009

Improve Job Skills -- Complete A Certificate Program Locally A t Cesar Chavez Campus

San Diego Continuing Education offers four certificate programs locally at the Continuing Education Cesar Chavez campus, located at 1960 National Avenue. The classes needed to complete the certificate programs are free, and students may enroll anytime.

One way to make yourself valuable in today’s tough job market is to be certain you have as much experience and education as possible. Many employers will consider one job applicant over another, based on these important qualifications. Showing a completed certificate in a specialized program not only positions you well as a competitive applicant for many popular jobs, it also shows your commitment and reliability to personal and professional development.

Invest in yourself by taking free classes that are flexible and offered at various locations, dates and times, plus the classes can lead to completion of a certificate. Classes are free because San Diego Continuing Education is part of the California system of higher education. Funding also comes through business and industry partnerships.

Account Clerk Program

San Diego Continuing Education’s Account Clerk Certificate program is a 322-hour training program. Classes are open entry/open exit, which means students have flexibility to attend class when it fits best with their schedules. The Account Clerk Certificate program provides students with the basic skills necessary to achieve success in the accounting field. The majority of classes for this certificate are offered at the Cesar Chavez campus. Students will also attend a couple of classes at Continuing Education’s nearby Educational Cultural Complex campus.

Administrative Assistant Program

This program offered by San Diego Continuing Education is a 294-hour training program and is open entry/open exit. Students gain a working knowledge of office systems, procedures, and advanced level computer skills. After completion of this certificate program, you can be confident in knowing you have the skills required for a successful employment in an office or business environment. All classes can be completed at the Cesar Chavez campus.

Data Entry Specialist

This program is a 600-hour open entry/open exit training program. The goal of this program is to prepare you with the skills you need to enter the job market. Students learn how to input and sort data, how to verify source documents and keep records. Plus, at the completion of the program, you will develop a professional portfolio you can present to potential employers.

Front Desk/Office Assistant Program

The Front Desk/Office Assistant Program is a 600-hour open entry/open exit program that prepares students for an entry-level position in an office environment. Students are exposed to computer-based business applications such as word processing and spreadsheets.

An introductory orientation is offered weekly for each certificate program. The orientation explains the initial enrollment, class schedule options and time expectations. Interested students can meet with a counselor and determine their best course for success. English and Spanish speaking counselors are available. Contact the San Diego Continuing Education Cesar Chavez Campus at 619-230-2895 to get started.

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