January 09, 2009

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Put Money Into Jobs

The incoming administration and congress are developing an economic stimulus plan of about $800 billion, which is supposed to create approximately three million jobs. The jobs will evolve from projects designed to rebuild and replace our roadways, bridges, dams, and possibly runways. Schools will be upgraded. There could be substantial funding of energy projects, which will hopefully reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

We need quick turnaround projects ready to be implemented within 90 days of funding.

Unfortunately, about $300 billion of the $800 billion economic plan will go to tax cuts for individuals ($200 billion) and businesses ($100 billion), and not create jobs. The tax rebates parceled out in the spring of 2008 did not stimulate the economy because $66 billion of the $78 billion in rebates went into savings accounts or used to pay down debts. Businesses might use the tax cuts to pay down debt and buy back stock.

The incoming administration should not put the $300 billion into tax cuts, but should use the entire $800 billion to create good paying U.S. jobs, while improving our infrastructure, upgrading school resources, promoting alternative energy programs, increasing domestic oil production and reducing the importation of foreign oil.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Via email

Israel and Palestinians need lasting peace

Israel withdrew from all of Gaza more than three years ago in hopes of peace and a two-state solution.

The situation in Israel is dire as neighborhoods of innocent Israelis are being deliberately attacked with rockets as often as dozens of times a day.

Israel has an obligation to defend its citizens from the threat of Iran-backed terrorists now - just as it did when Iran-backed Hezbollah attached Israel not long ago.

Iran’s President has said he wants to “wipe Israel off the map.” They are developing nuclear materials in defiance of the world while supporting, training and arming Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and others.

Israel is no different from any other sovereign nation that must protect their citizens from those who would kill them.

Israel and the Palestinians need a lasting peace—which will only come when the Iran-backed terrorists are defeated.

Jeanie Ludwick
National City

An expression of contempt

Re: Greek Tragedies & the News Media in the Age of Twitter By Andrew Lam, published Jan. 2, 2009.

While it is true that “journalism” and street reporting has sent mixed signals with the Greek tragedy recently, it cannot be denied that what the majority of a nation want is an expression of contempt to a current political crisis / situation they are in right now. So to speak, they have only been waiting for a trigger pulled, to attack, no matter what the trigger pulled was.

Marge Tadeja
via email

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