February 27, 2009

Las líneas burning up lately. First, some old business:

Qué pasó con los jefes in Chula Vista??? First they fire David Garcia for spending too much time checking out Pamela Anderson and then they give him $170,000 to go away quietly. Qué pasó? mucachos y mucachas, what about principal, when do you take a stand on principal??? And you wonder why the budget at city hall is out of whack with these guys giving away money!!!

One day, sitting around smoking the old peace pipe, la otra india dice about politicans: It is not a question if a politician will disappoint you, but when will they. Este indio was very wise, case in point: Former city manager David Garcia hires councilman Rudy Ramirez’ sister, Ginny Bischel, who is a veterinarian, to supervise the city animal shelter. For one year’s work she is to earn $140,000. $140k for part time work, she has a regular job with her private practice. And to top if off she reports to the city’s animal-care subcommittee, made up of council members Rudy Ramirez and Pamela Bensoussan. Didn’t anyone stop and say we have a nepotism problem here?

The political grape vine is alive and well so here is the latest:

Bob Filner has shown an interest in running for mayor of San Diego

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts is rumored to be tapped as the new head of CCDC which will open up his seat for appointment. High on the list to replace Roberts are Juan Vargas, Lori Saldana, Marla Marshall, and long shot Donna Frye (the other republican board members would never select her)

Ben Hueso is running for 79th State Assembly, if so it may be time to start considering replacing Hueso in district 8, which will be another appointment. Side note on this, if Hueso runs this means that Pearl Quinones is out.

Mary Salas has already announced her intention to run for State Senate seat District 40 and has pretty much locked up all the established Democratic support. Juan Vargas, there his name again, had considered running but it could be too late.

Steve Castaneda has to decide between the Assembly race and the mayor’s seat in Chula Vista. If Hueso does indeed run for the 79th then Castaneda will run for mayor. If Hueso is happy being president of San Diego city council then Castaneda would consider running for Assembly. You got all that????

Chula Vista City Council race to replace John McCann is shaping up to be a donnybrook between some well qualified people. Filner chief of staff, Humberto Peraza and our good friend Jill Galvez are already hard at work. Pat Aguilar is interested in running. Should be interesting.

Chuey’s restaurant in Barrio Logan was sold at auction to the Community Colleges. The plan is turn it into a continuing ed center, moving their offices from down the street next to Chicano Park. The question is, what is going to happen with the old building???

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