February 27, 2009

Cardinal Points/Puntos Cardinales at Cannon Art Gallery

Cardinal Points/Puntos Car-dinales: A Survey of Contemporary Latino and Latin American Art from the Sprint Nextel Art Collection presents the most dominant themes and creative approaches in art produced over the last two decades by artists in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and the United States. Visitors to the William D. Cannon Art Gallery will experience 55 two-dimensional works, including paintings, photographs, prints, and mixed media. The exhibition demonstrates that works created by Latinos and Latin Americans are extremely diverse in style, subject matter, and media. Cardinal Points/Puntos Cardinales will be on exhibition at the Cannon Art Gallery Sunday, March 1 through Saturday, May 8, 2009.

In 1943, the Uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres-García created a map of Latin America to serve as both a manifesto and symbolic provocation. He repositioned the south in the north and vice versa to convey a belief that Latin American culture was neither inferior to, nor dominated by, the North. The artwork and supporting bilingual exhibition text in English and Spanish tell the story of the evolution of Latin American art in the late 20th century, underscoring the fact that the Latino and Latin American worlds comprise myriad ethnic groups, cultures, histories, and intellectual viewpoints. The exhibition is divided into four sections or points: The Figure as Symbol; Nature Seen and Transformed; Mapping the Real Imaginary; and Narratives.

Among the most well-known artists in the exhibition are Mario Algaze, Laura Anderson Barbata, José Bedia, Enrique Chagoya, Carmen Lomas Garza, Salomón Huerta, Graciela Iturbide, Perla Krauze, Francisco Castro Leñero, María Martínez-Cañas, Héctor Méndez Caratini, Marcelo Pombo, Freddy Rodriguez, Andres Serrano, Ray Smith, Patssi Valdez, and Mariana Yampolsky.

Cardinal Points/Puntos Cardinales: A Survey of Contemporary Latino and Latin American Art is curated by Elizabeth Ferrer, consultant for Latin American art, Sprint Nextel Art Collection, in collaboration with James Martin.

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