February 20, 2009

Escondido Recognizes Community Leaders

The Hispanic leaders Daniel Perez and Hector Morales were honored for their work and efforts within the Latino community.

By América Barceló-Feldman

ESCONDIDO - In an emotional ceremony open to public, Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler presented the State of the City last Wednesday, February 11 at the City Hall.

The State of the City was preceded by a musical presentation and the annual Community Involvement Award Ceremony presented by the City Council.

This year 14 residents of Escondido were awarded for their hard work and giving within the community. Recognition was also given to municipal workers with 25 to 35 years on the job.

During the ceremony Holt Pfeiler and the members of the city council said that the citizen involvement in the community is very important for the development of the city. For this reason they were thankful for the outstanding work that each one of the awarded leaders have done to help improve the lives in Escondido.

The awards were presented by the Mayor and the Council Members Dick Daniels, Sam Abed y Olga Díaz, with Marie Waldron being the only absentee of the night.

Daniel Perez with his daughter, Alani

Two of the awarded were the Hispanic activists, Daniel Perez and Hector Morales, whose work within the Latino community has begun to impact positively the city.

For the first time as the first Latina member of the town hall, Olga Diaz recognized Daniel Perez mentioning the importance of his good work to help the city.

Perez was awarded with the prize of Charity due to his contribution as an organizer of diverse events for prevention of gangs, drugs and alcohol, and for cleaning the streets, plus providing security outside of schools.

In addition, Perez began the weekly delivery of food to nearly 200 low income families in the city. He also organized the event: Day of the Children (Día del Niño) with almost ten thousand assistants, among other important activities.

Moreover, the first Hispanic councilwoman of this city emphasized the importance of Perez’ work within the Hispanic community. He is now seen as an example of effort and dedication.

On the other hand, the Mayor gave the “Improvement of the Community” prize to Hector Morales for his contributions to the development of an after school program “The Bridge.” It is offered to Hispanic young people by the Christian Church “Emanuel Faith.”

Among another important deeds, Morales has helped to improve the education of adolescents in Escondido.

The other awarded citizens were: Phyllis Savin, Prize of Arts; Greta Kertz for Communitarian Involvement; Eric Siac, prize of Compassion; John Lawson for Education; Harold Stueve, Historical Preservation; Pat Heggy, Humanity; Patricia Conway, Leadership; Lorraine Boyce, Service to the Childhood; Randy Eldred, Service to Youth; Kathy Rubesha, Spirit of Escondido; Jerry and Delores McQuiston, Watchful Eye.

At the end of the Award Ceremony Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler, accompanied by the administrative staff and Council Members, delivered her annual report in which she offered a detailed report of activities removed in her fourth year of administration.

In her speech the Mayor said that her administration is continuing to work with legislators and the governor to help the state of California recover financially.

Finally, she mentioned that her administration followed the federal debate on the plan of economic stimulus plan, like an option to create source of works that could be quite helpful for all the communities of the country including Escondido.

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