February 13, 2009

San Ysidro High Stands Out in National Ranking

Latino Students Outperforming Peers in Spanish Literature

Latino student success at San Ysidro High is in the national spotlight.

San Ysidro High was applauded by the College Board for having the largest number of Latino students earning top scores on the Advance Placement (AP) exam in Spanish literature.

According to standards set by the New York based College Board, an “AP Spanish Literature course is comparable to a third-year college introduction to Hispanic literature course.”

San Ysidro Principal Hector Espinoza credited teacher, Johanna Vielema, for successfully guiding her students through mastery of the advanced coursework. The rigorous curriculum is based on a required reading list created by the College Board to represent various historical periods, literary movements and genres within the Spanish-speaking world.

“We are enormously proud that San Ysidro High leads the nation in achievement on this AP exam,” said School Board President Jim Cartmill. “What is especially gratifying is that success on AP exams are a proven indicator of a student’s ability to succeed in college.”

Sweetwater Superintendent Dr. Jesus M. Gandara said, “At a time when approximately half of all college freshmen need to take at least one remedial course, San Ysidro’s accomplishment on this AP exam is exemplary. It also demonstrates how hard our staff and students are working to close the achievement gap.”

The recently released report from the College Board notes that across the nation, Latino students are underrepresented in AP classes and make up less than 15% of the public school students taking AP exams in any subject.

Sweetwater schools have made it a priority to make more AP classes available to all students and to provide the targeted academic support students need to succeed in those Advance Placement classes.

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