February 6, 2009


“Steele and Guts!”

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Michael Steele is a black Roman Catholic lawyer who is the complete antithesis to what America’s leftwing media, Democrats and white supremacists ever expected to be Republican National Chairman. He defeated a gaggle of white male Protestant Republicans.

His victory represents a complete rejection of those who hate anyone who rises from the ethnic morass that was the Fifties through Friday, January 30th.

He is not Hispanic, but he’ll do.

On immigration, for example, he represents what became the John McCain-George W. Bush position of protecting the border first (almost accomplished with thousands of new Border agents and a wall that doesn’t work) then proceeding to comprehensive immigration reform. Gone from his presentation is the mantle of anti-immigrant rhetoric posited by non-Republicans posing as Republicans.

Non-Republicans like Pat Buchanan, former and disgraced Vietnam War draft dodger Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo, the anti-Mexican haters at the Center for Immigration studies (CIS) and other toadies on the payroll of John Tanton —America’s greatest racist — have been rejected by the Republican party in the victory of Michael Steele.

Steele told Fox News Sunday that he will enthusiastically roll over obstructionists in his forward looking administration and marketing of a new Republican Party. No more Pat Buchanan’s, Tom Tancredos or Lou Barletta, the race baiting Pennsylvania mayor who was wiped out when he ran against Mexicans in his losing race for Congress.

The Party lost big time in two consecutive elections (2006 and 2008) which it also did in the 1964 wipe out of the Goldwater Party. Then it rebounded in 1966 and 1968. Better yet, after a narrow Ross Perot polluted loss in 1992, the Party came roaring back in 1994 and took control of Congress for the first time in 44 years. It took 14 years for the Democrats to dislodge Republican control.

History favors a Republican bounce-back in 2010 for several reasons: First, the Presidential party historically loses seats in the first election after it takes the White House. Secondly, there are currently 54 seats in which Republicans have previously dominated in for most of the past decade. Rookie congressmen who stand to lose to superior Republican registration occupy those seats.

In 2012, Republicans stand to gain more seats because of redistricting in 2011 where Republicans hold substantial support in states which will gain seats at the expense of states like New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan that the new census will decimate.

Among Hispanics, support will definitely grow for Republicans because they show political flexibility that blacks do not. Blacks will continue to vote Democratic.

For example, passing bills granting veteran retirement benefits to Filipino guerilla fighters who fought with us in WW II does not advance any American Hispanics upward but San Diego Democrat Bob Filner, ever looking to be reelected by his district’s heavy Filipino population, managed to place in the House “Stimulus” bill millions allocated to help the Filipino men now in their 80s and 90s.

Why doesn’t the Treasury offer a one point 30 or 40-year mortgage at 3 percent interest to all existing and prospective home owners with 5 percent equity or down payments of three percent for purchases? (2) Why doesn’t the stimulus bill contain a slug of money for educational vouchers that can be used as early as this Fall in an effort to save millions of inner-city children who would otherwise be failed by failed schools? Better-educated minority inner city children will have a huge impact on lesser crime fighting and jail and prison local costs and public and welfare costs to cities. More important, they would provide better opportunities, wages and more taxes paid forever.

Why isn’t the stimulus bill designed to immediately pump billions into the hands of the people who can spend it, save it and otherwise spice up a moribund economy? Why doesn’t the government simply quit collecting payroll taxes for six months and wipe out business taxes for a year. This tax vacation would pump all the money needed to revive the economy and create millions of jobs. A tax vacation will cost less than the Obama/Pelosi/Reid plan. My plan will work.

Between the Federal Reserve already pumping cash into the system and the American people having anywhere from 10 percent or more in their paychecks starting next month, would anything else be necessary?

Take note, President Obama and Chairman Steele.

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