April 24, 2009

Assemblymember Block to Chair Key Education Committee

Speaker Bass also appoints Block to serve on three additional committees.

Assemblymember Marty Block (D-San Diego) announced his appointment by Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) as Chair of the Select Committee on K-16 Articulation, Access and Affordability. The select committee is tasked with investigating the expansion of educational opportunities, communication and collaboration between K-12 schools and higher education systems; keeping fees and textbook costs low and financial assistance high; and other related issues that arise during the term of this legislative session.

“These difficult times require leadership to ensure that California gets the most out of every dollar spent on education,” commented Assemblymember Block. “My years of experience in the education sector will help me affect positive change for California’s youth.

Assemblymember Block recently met with his colleagues on the Select Committee on K-16 Articulation, Access and Affordability to develop objectives for the committee’s business for the coming two years. One current objective is a plan to promote a seamless path from kindergarten through college and identify the barriers that might impede a student’s progress.

Speaker Bass also appointed Assemblymember Block to several additional important select committees: the Select Committee on Career Technical Education and Workforce Development, the Select Committee on Community Colleges, and the Select Committee on Biotechnology.

Assemblymember Block will utilize his positions on these select committees to further serve the people of California, especially students, as he has done throughout his entire career. Among his many achievements, Assemblymember Block is most proud of having spent 26 years of his life at San Diego State University, where he served as professor, dean and director, and was the founding Chair and Director of the National Higher Education Law and Policy Institute.

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