April 10, 2009


Happy Easter – Feliz Pascuas

During this Easter season we take this opportunity to count our blessings and for the Christian community celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

For the past couple of years we as a country have had to face difficult times. We have been challenged and we have had to make sacrifices. We have reassessed who we are as a country and we have made changes, not only as a country on a whole but individually as well.

It has been a difficult period of time but, finally, there is a sense that we are on the right track to recovery. Optimism is starting to creep back into our life as we all wait for the tangible assets of this turn around to reach us at the community level. We are looking forward to the day we no longer have to fear that tomorrow we may lose our job. That we are secure in our home, and no longer have to face the prospect of foreclosure. That we can, once again, enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Easter is about rebirth and as we go about enjoying the celebrations of going to church, an Easter brunch, the Easter egg hunt with our children, we can also start the process of the rebirth of our nation as it begins going down the long road to recovery. For this we can be thankful and at the same time we can learn from our lessons of the past to build toward a better future.

At La Prensa San Diego we join with you in celebrating Easter as look forward to better days ahead for all.

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