April 3, 2009


Rush Limbaugh Is a Joke

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Rush Limbaugh made the stupidest comment I have heard him say since he reported that President Clinton’s Counsel, Vince Foster, was murdered in the White House in 1993. He made the statement on the day Foster’s body was discovered. He read the statement from a fax sent to him without any corroboration by any law enforcement or news agency. His charge was never proven.

This time he stated that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “Attacking America” by pointing out that Mexico’s serious problems with drug cartels were caused by the huge demand for illicit narcotics in the United States and from illegal gun sales, also in the United States.

Limbaugh, of course, is himself a criminal drug “abuser” so one must consider that in analyzing Limbaugh’s stupid comment. Yes, he pleaded guilty to making illegal purchases of Oxycontin (The poor man’s heroin) a pain prescription medicine. He went to drug rehab as a condition of probation. He went away for a month.

Keeping his own drug addiction in mind, can anyone imagine that Limbaugh might see the drug problem objectively? Of course not! This is not to say that everything Limbaugh says is false or wrong or even silly and juvenile

There are times his views are cogent and sometimes brilliant, but not this day.

Consider these facts:

Coca leaves are grown and processed in Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru then shipped through Central America to Mexico where bulk amounts are broken down into smaller unites then transported across the Mexican/USA border for distribution to a nation of over 320-million people who are the richest in the world.

Because there are millions of people—Americans — like Rush Limbaugh who have or are breaking the laws of every state to snort, swallow or shoot up cocaine, crack and powder versions, heroin, or to smoke Mexican Happy Tobacco, the money these people pay for their weaknesses, escapes and thrills pays for private armies, lots of dead bodies and armed conflict on our border with Mexico.

Secretary of State Hillary is right; she is correct. The Mexican troubles start here not in the jungles of South America. They start with wise guy kids who smoke “weed” or snort coke at parties. They start with the money these people get from their mommies and daddies to spend on their drugs.

The troubles start with movies and television programs here that make icons of drug users and use. They start with idiots like Rush Limbaugh paying employees to buy drugs on their behalf.

We know that Rush was hooked on chemical narcotics mixed up in laboratories, not street drugs that were sold by blacks and Hispanics on street corners. So, that must raise his law-breaking vile drug habits to something suburban, or from the “Southern Command.”

How delicious…

Secretary Clinton hits the nail on the head, when she declares that the United States of America is responsible for the troubles in Mexico because its supplies two critical things to the troubles: 1. Cash, up to $25 BILLION, with a B, profit dollars to a handful of organized Mexican crime groups, and, 2. Guns that the criminal enterprises arm themselves with and use to kill the thousands of people they have murdered in the past three years.

The guns are bought throughout the Southwest at gun shows or from gun shops by “straw” purchasers and smuggled into Mexico by Americans, mostly. Assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons are what the criminal gangs want and that’s what they get. Those weapons kill Mexicans.

Despite these critical ingredients to the Mexican troubles, the Democrat controlled Congress chopped up into small pieces a large program of help that former President Bush wanted to extend to the courageous Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, who has declared war on criminals and sent the army into key cities, including Tijuana and Juarez, giant cities that border California and Texas.

Bush wanted a large program. The Democrats offered much less and that is what Secretary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have to work with. It may or may not be enough.

People are dying every week in Mexico; killed by weapons bought into the United States and paid for with dollars spoiled Americans spend to get high at parties.

Limbaugh doesn’t seem to know that, or, perhaps, he doesn’t care for they are Mexicans, after all.

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