September 5, 2008

Sesma Anchors Trojan Line

By John Philip Wyllie

Like his brother before him Jesus Sesma is out to make a name for himself on the Castle Park High School Football Team, but the younger of the Sesma brothers is doing it in a very different way. Brother Julian, excelled in the glamorous role of quarterback and went on to a scholarship at Georgetown University. Jesus toils in the trenches. The compact 5’10” 241 pounder is the team’s center and the foundation of the Trojans offensive line.

“Jesus is the anchor of my offense. He is very, very smart and he has great feet. He is one of those kids who could go on and play at the next level. He’s also a 4.0 + student so he would be excellent for an Ivy League school. If he gets the scholarship that he is planning on he could go on and play for any of those schools,” said Trojans offensive line coach, Hans Graham.

“Football at this level is 90% physical. The edge he has on people is mental,” Graham continued. “He is so smart he sometimes drives me crazy because he is always trying to figure out things beyond the edge, but that is just the way he is. He represents everything there is about God, family and school.”

Well rounded Jesus Sesma stars on the field and in the classroom at Castle Park High. Photo: J.P. Wyllie

Sesma had the opportunity to snap the ball to his brother last year and he was fine with the fact that his brother, as the team’s quarterback, received most of the attention. He is also secure in the knowledge that without the guys like himself doing the grunt work up front, the quarterback, running backs and receivers go absolutely nowhere.

“The O-Line is a crucial part of the game,” Sesma said. “Without our blocks the running backs can’t show what they have got. I don’t think much about the personal glory. For me it is all about the team winning.”

Sesma, as a returning starter from last year’s O-Line, is the most experienced player in the Trojans forward wall. Surrounded by youth this season, he has taken on a leadership role.

“When my kids come to the line, Jesus is telling both of our guards what they need to do. The adjustments start with Jesus. If there is a message outside the guards, he gets it to the guards to give to the tackles,” Graham said.

His intra-line communication is not the only message he is spreading. Deeply religious, Sesma is president of the school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club.

“My brother was president of the FCA last year and I started out as a member in my freshman year. Last year I was its treasurer and this year I’ll be the president. My brother left some pretty big shoes to fill. He did a lot of good things through the FCA and I want to just continue that. Last year we didn’t have as many people as I would have hoped involved. So this year our goal is to increase our attendance, gain more followers for Christ and spread the word.”

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