September 5, 2008

San Ysidro schools vote this November

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

This November 4, there will be elections to choose two members of the San Ysidro School District Governing Board. The candidates for the two seats are the incumbents Raquel Marquez and Paul Randolph, and a new candidate Anthony Rodriguez.

La Prensa San Diego asked them a few questions to learn more about their candidacy.

Raquel Marquez, incumbent, former district student

La Prensa San Diego: Why should you be re-elected to the San Ysidro School District Governing Board?

Marquez: One of my goals when I first got elected was to help build consensus on the board and leave petty politics aside in order to concentrate on the task at hand- the future of our students. We have achieved this type of team work and politics has rested. To quote fellow board member Jean Romero, I’d like to say that I should be re-elected as a board member because our current board is working as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) the consensus we have built as a group in the last four years has really helped move our schools forward. Taking myself or Dr. Randolph out of the current team would really bring our schools back and deter the progress our district has managed to achieve.

La Prensa San Diego: What are your plans for the next four years?

Marquez: We need to continue with our plans to provide top notch facilities. We did a great job with Sunset and Ocean View Hills. We need to keep the Willow and Vista Del Mar projects on track and on budget. We also need to stick to our master plan to finish off the modernization of the other schools in the district and review the plan as our communities change in order to best serve our students and avoid overcrowding schools. I want to continue to support our administration in their changes, and educate parents on why these are essential to the success of the children they are entrusting in us.

Paul Randolph, San Ysidro School District Governing Board Member/Parent

La Prensa San Diego:  Why should you be re-elected to the San Ysidro School District Governing Board?

Randolph: Take a look at what we have accomplished in the time I have been on the board. Four years ago, I was interviewed by La Prensa and I said I wanted to create a more stable atmosphere and not micromanage our administra-tion. I wanted to help move our board away from the petty politics of the past. I think we have achieved that. Creat-ing a professional atmosphere has allowed us to focus on the things that are important rather than getting ourselves in the newspaper for the wrong rea-sons. We’re focused on our students education, instruction, and ensuring that our students achieve, including improving our test scores. Our school district is heading in the right direction.

La Prensa San Diego: What are your plans for the next four years?

Randolph: I will be supporting our Administration in their efforts to improve our children’s learning environment. I will support the development of Professional Learning Communities, so that our teacher’s continue to work closely together to improve instruction and assist our stu-dents. I will continue to push for programs such as AVID that help our students achieve and give them the opportunity to succeed. I will continue to insist that we all have high expectations for our students, so that they are provided with the opportunity to eventually go to college and pursue whatever careers they may desire. I also want to be able to find a way to rebuild Beyer and the Mid-dle School as these schools need to be improved to allow our students to perform, as well as making sure that Willow and Vista del Mar get built on time and within budget.


Anthony Rodriguez, parent/businessman

La Prensa San Diego: Why should you be elected to the San Ysidro School District Governing Board?

Rodriguez: I should be elected to the board because I will bring with me the following

· Honest-decision making on behalf of the community

· Parents desire to have our children achieve the education standards

· Have open forum for the community to be involve

· To push/make changes in the board on having community have the opportunity to speak out of any concerns that they might have.

La Prensa San Diego: What are your plans for the next four years in San Ysidro?

Rodriguez: To work full time and if necessary all around the clock to accomplish the achievement of our children’s education with high standards.

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