October 31, 2008


Barack Obama for President

If there was ever a time to heed a call for change, that time is now. The country is beset with problems. Families are struggling. The immediate future looks bleak. Home prices remain low and dropping. Foreclosures, unemployment, and consumer prices are up. Incomes, confidence, and prospects are down. In life, when things go wrong, you have to make a change. Turn the page. Correct your course of action. The United States cannot keep following the same failed policies – on so many fronts – and still remain the country as it was in the 20th Century.

For the United States of America, Barack Obama represents the change our country needs at the right time. Obama has inspired the common man, he has inspired a nation, and he has excited the world. Obama’s strong and intelligent leadership of his large, successful political campaign is impressive. Obama’s consistent message, leadership style and careful approach have demonstrated a positive change from the negative, recklessly divisive, and petty campaign tactics of Bush and McCain.

John McCain has tried to portray himself as a change agent but has become “everything Bush” over the past years. He’s even using the same Bush negative campaign experts and advisors. McCain and the Republican Party have led this country down a self-destructive road that has plunged this country and the world into economic chaos. It is the Republican Party that naively believes in deregulation, tax breaks for the corporate giants, the trickle down theory, and bomb first/think later. They spend billions overseas while they dramatically cut spending for our citizens here at home. McCain stubbornly continues to support this failed economic thinking.

The Republican Party has taken this country from one that stood by Peace and Diplomacy first and War only as a last resort to a country that now follows a pre-emptive, War First policy. McCain has vowed to continue the ill-planned War in Iraq until victory, yet he has not defined victory.

The Republican Party has divided this country and polarized communities with ‘us against them’ mentality. Immigrants, the Hispanic community, gays and lesbians, any religion besides Christianity, and women’s health issues have born the brunt of the negative messages that have served to unite the Republican Party over the past decade. At one point, as a border Senator, McCain presented a somewhat comprehensive immigration bill but the Republican Party killed it. And now McCain has rejected his own ideals in order to appeal to the hostile anti-immigrant sentiment in the Republican Party.

Barack Obama represents change, hope, and he has inspired people of all ages and races. This is what the country needs. Barack Obama has demonstrated a level headed, clear grasp of the issues. He is a gifted orator, smart, steady, cool, and collected, and has earned the right to lead this country.

Obama made a solid choice of Senator Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate. McCain mistakenly thought he could win Hillary Clinton voters and also curry favor with the Religious Right by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Since making that poor choice, McCain has lost all credibility with respected Republican leaders such as former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell, two Republican governors, and many other surprising conservative Republicans. They have all endorsed Obama. Sadly, with the Palin choice, McCain has given the world another reason to chuckle and poke fun at U.S. political leaders.

For the Hispanic community and the country in general, the election of Barack Obama would be historical to say the least. It would also signal a dramatic shift in ethnic relations and would offer hope and inspiration for all ethnic communities.

We support and Endorse the Election of Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.

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