October 31, 2008

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Jamie Mercado the best person for Sweetwater School Board

I am writing this letter so the people of the South Bay can gain some knowledge of a Sweetwater School board candidate.

Jaime Mercado has been aggressively identifying any misuse of funds, dealing with construction defects and substandard work among the hundreds of millions of dollars of school building projects done in recent years. He has done a commendable job and has saved the district a fortune. Mr. Mercado is now trying to reduce the rate of student dropouts by providing at-risk students and vocational students an opportunity to learn life skills and career choices with a proposed vocational/technical/career training center.

He cares about students, community members, and taxpayers. He abhors wasteful spending. Mercado takes his job as a public servant seriously and makes a point of being out in the community, visiting school campuses, observing and talking with the students, parents, faculty, staff, and service employees.

Jaime Mercado is the best person for the Sweetwater School Board Seat #4 and deserves a second term to accomplish the goals that he has set out for this term. SEA and CSEA have endorsed him as well.

Kimberly Castillo
Sweetwater School District Employee

Prop. Q attacks not about the issue, but about personalities

Recently, it seems that the attacks against Proposition Q for an elected City Attorney have focused on personality issues, instead of the meat and potatoes of why, or why not, Prop. Q is needed.

The opponents attack Earl Jentz and claim he is trying to take over City Hall. That just seems ridiculous, given that THE PEOPLE VOTE on these measures, and there is no dictator office currently open in local government.

Opponents attack the possible candidates for an elected City Attorney. They claim that the lack of residency requirements and term limits will allow “outsiders” the opportunity to take over Chula Vista.

I guess they forgot the fact that the appointed City Attorney has no residency requirements or term limits as well. But most importanly, an elected City Attorney allows THE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE, not the politicians.

Opponents seem scared that Earl Jentz will “take over” Chula Vista if the voters have a choice in who will represent their interests at City Hall. That sounds to me like those in power are not protecting the interests of the public, but of themselves.

They have consistently ignored community concerns, and have treated voters like mushrooms: keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure (to put it politely).

Let’s stop the greed and corruption by politicians at City Hall, and let the people choose the most qualified candidate. The scare tactics aren’t going to work anymore, we have been fed enough manure to recognize the taste.

Manuel Lopez
Chula Vista

Pamela Bensoussan represents a new direction for Chula Vista

For too many years now, the Mayor and city council of Chula Vista have been comprised of lobbyists, real estate agents, and people who genuflect to developers. We are now feeling the tragedy of their misbegotten policies. Financial consultants tell people to diversify, but Chula Vista politicians only listened to the developers. We became totally dependent on revenues from housing construction. We need balance and vision on our city council desperately, and we need someone who is not tied to any special interests. Pamela Bensoussan, an antique appraiser, has served us well on the Redevelopment Advisory Committee and the Planning Commission. She is a native of Chula Vista and is not beholden to any special interest groups. I believe she is part of the new direction Chula Vista needs.

Frank Luzzaro
Chula Vista

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