October 24, 2008

Former National City Mayor George Waters urges a YES vote on Prop “M!”

National City: Herman Baca, Chair of the National City (NC) based COMMITTEE TO REPEAL – VOTE YES on PROP “$M” announced that, “former National City (NC) Mayor George Waters has endorsed the campaign to repeal the city’s 8.75% sales tax.”

Mayor Waters stated, “With the current U.S. economic meltdown/bailout and California’s budget crisis, NC residents and small businesses can no longer afford the highest sale tax in San Diego County.” I urge, “National City voters to cast a YES VOTE on Proposition “M.”

Mayor Waters also stated that, “just like the economic crisis has forced families to cut back on spending, NC is going to have to learn to curtail unnecessary spending and tighten its belt.” Mayor Waters concluded that, “a yes vote for Prop “M” is a necessary step for our beloved NC to address the root causes and issues that have caused the budget economic deficit.”

In closing, Baca stated that, “besides Mayor Waters endorsement, the campaign to VOTE YES on Prop M to repeal the anti-poor and small business sales tax has also been endorsed by the SD Taxpayers Association, Richard Rider Chair, SD Tax Payers, NC Council Candidate, Bill Goulet, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, numerous NC residents and the Committee on Chicano Rights.”

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