October 10, 2008

Ballot Recommendations

To Date:

City of San Diego:

San Diego City Attorney
Mike Aguirre •

City of Chula Vista

Chula Vista City Council

Seat #3: Pamela Bensoussan
Seat #4: Steve Castañeda

Sweetwater Unified High School District

Seat #2: Pearl Quiñones
Seat #4: Jaime Mercado

State Propostions

Proposition 4: Parent Notification of a Minor’s Abortion: Vote No

Proposition 8: Repeal of legal right of same-sex marriage: Vote No

City of National City

Proposition M. Repeal Proposition D Initiative — City of National City (Majority Approval Required)

In 1996 the voters passed Prop D which added a one percent sales tax, making the City of National City, the poorest city in the county, the city with the highest sales tax burden in the State. In 2006 we opposed this tax increase, not because it wasn’t needed but because there were no controls on how the money would be spent. Two years later this fear has to come to fruition and the monies collected from this tax increase has gone to everything but the stated purpose of public services and safety services.

It is time to lift this yolk off the shoulders of the residents of the National City and repeal this tax burden Vote YES on Propostion D.

City of Chula Vista

Proposition Q. Elected City Attorney Amendment — City of Chula Vista (Majority Approval Required)

Proposition Q is about taking the position of City Attorney from an appointed one by the City Council to one elected by the residents of the City of Chula Vista. We have already seen the devastating effects of a City Attorney obligated to a city council with the Pension Fund debacle at the City of San Diego. This Pension Fund issue stretched across two City Attorney appointments. The message here is that the City Attorney works at the pleasure of their employer to serve their needs and not necessarily the best interest of the City.

The City Attorney’s office should work as one of the checks and balances of the city to ensure that the best interest of the city are being served and this can only be accomplished through an election process relieving the City Attorney from being obligated to their employers, the city council.

Make the City Attorney work for the Residents and Vote YES on Prop. Q

Proposition R. Classroom Repair and Job Training Measure — Southwestern Community College District (55% Approval Required)

Proposition R is not about today but is about the future. Southwestern College is the only institution of higher learning in the South Bay which carries the burden of having to not only educate our young students as they prepare to go on to a University or a good paying job, but the college has to be a resource for the community, an employer of thousands of South Bay residents, and an economic engine for the region.

There is no question that classroom repair is required and job training now more than ever is needed. The only downside to this proposition is the timing as we face an economic nightmare. It is important to remember that Prop. R isnot about now, but about the future and the economic outlook will improve and the college will need to be ready for the future of the South Bay.

We endorse a YES Vote on Prop. R

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