October 17, 2008

San Diego Latino/a Leaders, Join Others Throughout the State to Urge Californians to Vote NO on Prop 8

Latino/a leaders throughout the state of California joined together to speak out against Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples.

In San Diego, Latino/a leaders joined in an effort with their colleagues in Los Angeles and San Francisco to rally opposition to this measure that singles out a group of Californians for unfair treatment under the law.

Featured speakers at the South Bay No on 8 campaign office in Chula Vista were Andrea Skorepa, chief executive officer of Casa Familiar; Gracia Molina de Pick, civil rights, feminist and labor activist; Roger Cazares, former chief executive officer and founder MAAC Project (housing and services for Latino communities); Terri Valladolid, trustee, Southwestern Community College Governing Board; and Richard Barrera, candidate for the San Diego Unified School Board.

(From left to right): Connie Hernandez, Roger Cazares, Andrea Skorepa, Liz DeRoulet, Andrea Villa, Gracia Molina de Pick, Richard Barrera, Terri Valladolid, Nicole Murray Ramirez, Elena Moreno, Luz Camacho. Photo by: Mike Philips

“Marriage is a basic human right,” said longtime respected San Diego activist Gracia Molina de Pick. “As an advocate for women’s equality, I believe that the most important right is to make decisions about our own lives. Religious leaders also believe in human rights and those who preach the gospel understand that this is not a contradiction.

“It is wrong to think of the Latino community as monolithic in religion or thought or as all being close-minded on social issues and human rights,” she continued. “We are, ourselves, often the victims of discrimination, so how can we ignore our brothers and sisters of our own or other communities who suffer the same sort of discrimination?”

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