October 17, 2008


Pamela Bensoussan is the right person at the right time for the City of Chula Vista

If you have been to a Chula Vista City Council meeting lately, you would have to describe the meeting dynamics as dysfunctional. Constant Councilmember bickering, accusations, infighting, disdain of public speakers, polarization and in particular the actions of Mayor Cox, have become an embarrassment for the residents of this city.

What this City Council needs is a calming voice and attitude that can bring some civility to the dais. Pamela Bensoussan could have that calming effect. During her campaign, Pamela has not uttered one negative word about her opponent and she has not sent out one negative piece of campaign literature. She has run a campaign that has been based on high morals and ethics.

With Bensoussan, you have a person who is soft spoken, thoughtful, and has a soothing demeanor about her. When Bensoussan first decided to run for office, one of the negative comments about her was that she reminded people of their grandmother! As it turns out this is exactly what this City Council needs: a person of maturity and common sense who won’t let all this bickering and infighting deter her from the greater good.

Pamela Bensoussan cares about the city of Chula Vista, she cares about the community, and she cares about her neighbors. She has already displayed her ability to work within the city’s bureaucracy and has elevated standards in our community. Pamela developed the framework for a Historic Preservation Ordinance. She developed and managed the very successful Historic Homes Tours. Bensoussan has shown her leadership by being able to draw people together to work together on these two very special projects for the betterment of the entire community. She has created a civic organization, the Northwest Civic Association. She has served as a Resource Conservation Commissioner and currently serves as a Planning Commissioner. Plus she has the practical experience as a successful business person with her own business for over 30 years.

It is this type of knowledge, experience, and good judgment that the City of Chula Vista needs on the council to help guide it through these tough times. Pamela Bensoussan has proven to be a leader who can develop programs that raise civic pride and increase property values.

On the other hand, Bensoussan’s opponent, Russ Hall, has chosen to run a negative campaign which began when he chided Bensoussan for being a community organizer and creating the Northwest Civic Association, much like Barack Obama had been chided for being an organizer.

Russ Hall is confrontational. When La Prensa San Diego published an editorial that did not endorse him during the Primary Election, he called the editor and confronted him on his position. In Chicano terms he tried mau-mau the editor. When the Northwest Civic Association held their political forum, Hall tried to dictate to the organizers the format for the program. But even after the forum conceded on many issues that Hall demanded, he refused to show. He felt that these good people were out to get him. He also did this with the South Bay Forum, which he did attend. Hall’s combative personality will not have a positive impact on the dysfunctional Chula Vista City Council.

Russ Hall knows little of the Hispanic community in Chula Vista. His past actions have demonstrated this. You would think that in a city that is 60% Hispanic that he would reach out to this community through the only bilingual newspaper that serves this community, La Prensa San Diego, but with the exception of one phone call to berate the editor, he didn’t care enough to send even one press release to explain or share his vision with our Hispanic readers.

Russ Hall is wrong for the Hispanic community and he is the wrong person for the City of Chula Vista.

Chula Vista has enough polarizing personalities on the City Council. What the City of Chula Vista needs is someone who will restore civic pride, elevate city standards, improve property values, and remove the embarrassing headlines about Chula Vista City Councilmembers’ conduct from local newspapers and weblogs.

La Prensa San Diego Supports and Endorses Pamela Bensoussan for Chula Vista City Council, Seat #3.

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