October 17, 2008

Gallery La Mesa Celebrates “The Day of the Dead”

Gallery La Mesa announced today that its Fall show, taking place on Saturday, October 18th from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m., is an exhibit celebrating “The Day of the Dead” by Victor Balcazar, a photographer who has documented the subject in Tijuana for several years.

Victor Balcazar’s “Day of the Dead” pictures portray an intimate and contemporary view of the holiday. The photographs were taken in several locations throughout Tijuana and each picture has its own history.

By taking “seize the moment” style photographs, Bal-cazar captures simple, yet significant still shots that portray a deeper meaning behind the days’ festivities. His photographs depict the enigmatic, yet subtle enchantment that comes from the gathering of family and friends at Tijuana’s most ancient cemeteries as they visit the tombstones of their loved ones. While some of these tombstones are almost a century old and others brand new, “The Day of the Dead” is a thriving ritual that brings people of all generations together. To Victor, “The Day of the Dead” celebrates “the vibrancy of life and death.” It is not a day to mourn, but rather a day to rejoice in the lives of those who have passed.

Victor Balcazar, a UCSD graduate, is a professional photographer and international videographer whose documentary films have earned critical acclaim.

“The Day of the Dead” exhibit will be on view until November 26th.

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