October 17, 2008


Steve Castañeda has earned another term in office

When you look back on the first four years in office for Steve Castañeda you see a hard working young man who has dedicated himself to serving the best interest of the City of Chula Vista.

In four years of service to the City of Chula Vista Castañeda has proven himself to be a leader. Castañeda has stood up for the best interest of the community and has asked the tough questions as a council member. Yet it is because he has asked the tough questions he has earned the ire of the Mayor, Cherly Cox, who has instead of showing leadership by example as a unifier, has been a polarizing figure, has demonstrated a bias against Steve Castañeda, and appears to have a personal grudge against him as demonstrated by her recent actions regarding the city’s responsibility in the legal fees he accrued defending himself as a public servant.

Castañeda while serving the city as councilman was wrongfully charged by the District Attorney’s office and over a two year period Castañeda had to pay for his defense. Historically whenever a public servant has been charged with a crime while serving the city the city would pay for the defense of that public servant, unless found guilty. In Castañeda’s case Mayor Cox recuse herself from the vote on paying Castañeda’s legal fees and for all intents and purposes appeared to want the vote to fail. Then there was the Deputy Mayor appointment which should have gone to Castañada, the position rotates between council members, but Cox bypassed him and gave Rindone another year. We have never heard of this happening before!

Take away the whole mess of Castañeda being falsely charged and him and the city having to deal with issue, Castañeda has had an exemplary term in office and he has earned another term to continue asking the hard questions and being a beacon of leadership for the city.

We believe that with the re-election of Castañeda and the election of Pamela Bensoussan that this will give the city the board majority that will end the bickering and start the city down the road of healing as the face the realities of our tough economic future that will impact the city.

We Support and Endorse the Re-election of Steve Castañeda to Chula Vista City Council Seat #4.

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