October 10, 2008

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico

The City’s Barrio Logan stake holders meeting was hot and crowded

The most surprising thing that came out of the Barrio Logan Stake Holders meeting held Tuesday (Sept 30, 2008) was what Ms. Gates said, that she would guarantee that the people living in the barrio “today” would be in the barrio well after the new community plan goes into effect. Moreover, as it appears (as listed in the 2007 city report) that some 90 percent of those living in the Barrio are renters. She will have very hard job ahead of her to keep her promise. I am not sure even if Ms. Gates (representing the City of San Diego) will be with the city by the time they complete this project. Nevertheless, I take my hat off to her for saying she cares that much about the people of the Barrio; we do not hear a single other person, even the area’s elected officials, saying anything like that.

We must remember that the most profitable game in town appears to be rezoning out industrial, commercial into residential/mixed-use, and up-zoning into density levels, which will seems likely to insure the death of the single-family home in Barrio Logan and the loss of more livable wage jobs.

Gregory Morales
Barrio Logan

A Rebuttal to Hispanic Chamber Opposition to Prop. 2 

A recently published article titled “California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Opposes Proposition 2: Leading Latino Organizations Agree, Prop. 2 is Anti-Consumer, Anti-Worker, and UN-SAFE” (October 3, 2008). This statement is a big surprise due to the fact that leading Latino organizations such as the United Farm Workers and the Cesar Chavez Foundation, along with leaders such as Dolores Huerta, Christine Chavez, Arturo Rodriguez, Dean Flores, and Jose Solorio all endorse a Yes on Prop 2.

  Additionally, organizations such as the Center for Food Safety, the Consumer Federation of America, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the Humane Society of the United States are all supporting Prop 2.

  It is widely understood that factory farming industries that abuse their animals also treat their workers poorly. Cesar Chavez stood up for kindness and compassion for all living creatures because he recognized that those who treat their animals more humanely create better conditions for their workers.

  Due to the large amount of pollution they emit, factory farming can devastate entire communities that surround them. That is why all of the above leaders and organizations all agree that a Yes on Prop 2 vote will benefit not only the animals but factory workers, consumers, and the environment.

  I am concerned that the article omits the fact that the cost of switching from battery cage systems to cage-free systems is less than one cent per egg. Thus, I respectfully request that in all fairness you give the supporters of Prop 2 equal time by publishing an opinion editorial authored by one of our Hispanic leaders. The public has a right to know that many of their most trusted leaders and organizations support Proposition 2.

Nina J. Beas
Campaign Coordinator
Animal Protection & Rescue League

Reimburse Chula Vista Taxpayers

It’s always a sad day when our Mayor and Council put their own narrow political agenda ahead of the interests of Chula Vista. Over two years the District Attorneys office conducted several investigations involving assorted council members and city employees turned up nothing (though one smart former employee wisely agreed to a week of community service instead of fronting $100,000 to lawyers to defend himself) yet still cost Chula Vista taxpayers over $600,000 in direct legal expenses paid on behalf of many people to numerous law firms throughout Southern California. The hidden costs of lost and distracted staff time etc. though substantial, will never be known.

Instead of asking for the DA’s office to provide some level of reimbursement for the taxpayers of Chula Vista, the Mayor and Council fought for almost four hours at one council meeting to do nothing.

Obviously it was calculated that to ask that the people be made whole would deny the political issue of attacking Steve Castaneda for the fraction of this expense (about 1/3) required to defend him against the charge that though there was “no evidence of wrong doing” found in an expensive year long investigation, it was believed that he intended/thought about/considered buying a condo - which it was acknowledged would itself have been a perfectly legal and ethical act. Not surprisingly, the expensive court action failed but enough smoke was created to allow a political campaign to claim that there must be fire.

The interests of Chula Vistans are not served by cheap political gamesmanship.

What we lack is sufficient money to pay for park maintenance, library hours, street repair etc. The county has a moral responsibility to reimburse the taxpayers of Chula Vista for what proved to be a wild goose chase.

Larry Breitfelder
President, Chula Vista Taxpayers Association.

In Support of Russell Coronado

I am writing you to show support for a good friend and former colleague of mine, Russell Coronado, who is running for seat 4 on the Chula Vista Elementary School Board. His dedication to children, their education, and the Chula Vista community has shown he is the best candidate for the position.

I have known Russell since 1999 when I entered the teaching field as a brand new teacher. As the school psychologist for my school, he has shown his knowledge and expertise of serving children with special needs during meetings with parents and staff, and through his interactions with children.

Russell believes in this district. His own children attend Casillas Elementary School and I believe he is the only candidate who has children attending a school in the Chula Vista District. The voters of Chula Vista need to take a closer look at this candidate who believes in equal representation on the School Board. I also have a child enrolled with this district and I would like to see my area (west of 805) represented on the school board.

Russell Coronado would be a welcome change on the school board and he needs our support in his continued efforts to make a difference in the lives of the children of our community.

Rose Ellen Estrada
Chula Vista

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