October 3, 2008

California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Opposes Proposition 2

Leading Latino Organizations Agree, Prop. 2 is Anti-Consumer, Anti-Worker, and UN-SAFE

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) has announced its opposition to Prop. 2 and has joined Californians for SAFE Food in the fight to stop the dangerous and costly Prop. 2 ballot initiative, ‘Standards for Confining Farm Animals. Initiative Statute.’

CHCC joins a growing list of leading Latino organizations opposed to Prop. 2, the UN-SAFE Food Initiative, including the Mexican American Political Association and the National Latino Congreso who have also come out in opposition to Prop. 2 citing the many negative consequences Prop. 2 poses for California consumers and working families.

“California’s economy is suffering from housing foreclosures, financial uncertainty and job losses in core industries. Latino businesses and their workers have always prospered when our community has access to capital and thrives when there are ample available employment opportunities. Proponents of Proposition 2 have failed to meet the test of what is in the best interest of the Latino business and working community,” said Joel Ayala, President & CEO of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

California consumers, workers and businesses significantly depend on California egg production, which produces 4.9 billion eggs annually valued at $323 million. If Prop. 2 passes, Californians will have virtually no options to purchase locally-produced, fresh eggs and be forced to rely on eggs trucked in from other states and Mexico that do not have the same high food safety standards as California.

“According to the UC-Davis economic impact study, the potential loss of $600 million in economic activity and more than 5,000 jobs will have a negative multiplier affect on working families, especially Latino families in California,” noted Ayala. “The Hispanic Chamber is at the forefront in communities and neighborhoods across California in helping to ensure all segments of our economy continue to grow. We are especially concerned about the devastating economic impact to the Central Valley if Prop. 2 is not defeated.”

Prop. 2 is a risky and dangerous measure banning almost all modern egg production in California. Prop. 2 jeopardizes food safety and public health; wipes out Californians’ access to locally grown, fresh eggs; harms consumers by driving up prices at grocery stores and restaurants; and creates a dependency on eggs shipped from other states and Mexico.

According to the recently released UC Davis economic impact study, Prop. 2 will eliminate almost all of the state’s egg industry in five years and further harm the state’s economy due to resulting job and revenue losses. Eliminating most of California’s egg industry, Prop. 2 will cost the state $615 million in economic activity and a statewide loss of 5,750 jobs.

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