October 3, 2008


Pearl Quiñones Provides Continuity to the SUHSD Board

Pearl Quiñones has served two terms on the Sweetwater Unified High School Board and is looking to represent Seat #2 for a third term. We believe that Quiñones brings the experience and knowledge to the district to see it through another four year term.

Quiñones has often said that her first term was a learning experience. In her second term she showed that she had learned her lessons and was moving forward by bringing change to the District. In fact learning from her past mistakes is Quiñones’ strong suit; she does not make the same mistake twice.

Quiñones re-election will provide stability to the board and provide her the opportunity to deliver on the project that she is most passionate about, the vocational/technical/career training center. Quiñones has made the career training center the focal point of campaign and is focused on seeing the project come to fruition. We support her in this goal and feel that without her support and drive that this important project may not receive the attention it deserves.

Quiñones was a part of the Board that balanced the budget despite the financial struggles facing the rest of the school districts and did not pass out one pink slip. Quiñones, working with Jamie Mercado, have brought a common sense approach to the district and has stood steadfast in holding the district accountable.

La Prensa San Diego Supports and Endorses Pearl Quiñones for Re-election Seat #2 SUSD School Board

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