October 3, 2008


Thinking of Obama With my Children on my Mind

By Ernie McCray

Barack Obama’s campaign seems to be “just my imagination running away with me” but, in actuality, it’s possibly a fantastic voyage into what can become a promising reality. And this tall old gray bearded black dude is ready.

Obama, through his charm and intelligence and wit and political insightfulness, represents what I want for my children and their children and my descendants down the line: hopeful times.

Now I’ve not put my faith in him blindly but rather because he’s put his faith in me, in us, the citizenry. This appeals to me because I am a Si Se Puede, “Yes We Can” kind of guy. Meaning I more than appreciate that he is encouraging my children and me to jump right in. He’s helping them understand that a government of the people, by the people and for the people cannot happen without the people’s full committment and energy. It just seems to me that if our nation is to fulfill its promise, the involvement of it’s people just has to be the key.

I feel that Obama is offering us a deal of a lifetime, a wonderful opportunity to rise above a mentality where for years leaders have pretty much said to the downtrodden: “Get off your butts and pull yourself up by your bootstraps” while their CEO friends rake in the chips from our economy like croupiers on speed, engaged in fraudulent schemes like dishing out mortgage loans left and right to starry eyed borrowers who can’t possibly make the payments. Through their greed they give to the very rich from what they steal from the poor, in the light of day, and then sail their yachts to the family getaway, laughing all the way. To them we’re but mere prey.

But I see Obama jumping in the fray, flailing away, seeking protection and a fair shake for us taxpayers, us “Regular Joes.”

He pooh-poohs the “Trickle Down Theory,” knowing full well that the only thing that’s trickled down (make that crashed down) to struggling working stiffs is the bill for the whole stinking mess.

Oh, the man energizes me as he defines what he sees like, in so many words, calling the war in Iraq what it has been, what it is and what it will forever be: BOGUS. A crime against humanity.

It’s inspiring to me that Obama understands that, when it comes to dealing with our foes, trying to isolate them is not the way to go. Like a line in Cool Hand Luke, one of my all time favorite Paul Newman movies: “What we have here (in this world) is a failure to communicate.”

But now we have a chance to give to the world a leader who is a master communicator, unlike a couple of people I know: John McCain and Sarah Palin. These two like to talk about how they “challenge the status quo” but they are the status quo, don’t you know. They spit jive about “serving the common good” yet when have they ever uttered a single word that makes sense to the poor and middle class folks in “the hood?” They say they’re going to leave this nation better than they found it. For whom? Not my children based on anything I’ve ever seen or heard from them.

Barack Obama, however, has committed himself to leaving this nation better than he found it from the moment he arrived on the scene. This tall dark and handsome “community organizer” is needed desperately. He promises my chilldren and me, in his unbelievable campaign, a country unlike this existing one that has been run, for eight years, ever so immorally and stupidly and aimlessly and recklessly and soullessly and unreasonably and irresponsibly and tactlessly. And a whole bunch of other “lys.”

I’m so glad to have lived long enough to see a man such as him so close to the presidency without it being “just my imagination running away with me.” He’s got my vote and active support unequivocally - in behalf of my children and children to come on our family tree. I like to think of these hopeful times as the Miracle of the 21st Century.

Ernie McCray is a San Diego resident.

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