October 3, 2008

History en Español premieres acclaimed documentary “Los Zafiros/The Sapphires” During Hispanic Heritage Month

As the Beatles were rocking Liverpool in the early 1960s, another great pop band was coming together in the tough musical neighborhood of Cayo Hueso in Havana. Playing a brilliant mix of American inspired Doo Wop, Afro-Cuban and traditional Latin forms, Los Zafiros became a sensation in Cuba and beyond before dissolving in the mid 1970s from the effects of the fast life, infighting and changing political and musical tastes. On October 5th at 8pm the acclaimed documentary “Los Zafiros/The Sapphires” brings the musical talents of the famed group to life once again with a special premiere on History en Español.

“Los Zafiros/The Sapphires” is part of the network’s continued celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and its commitment to bringing the living history of the Latin culture to its rapidly growing audience.

Throughout the month, History en Español will feature special programs including the documentaries “The Sugar Curtain,” an intimate portrait of the Cuban regime at its economic peak as seen through the eyes the mid-1970s generation that lived it; and the acclaimed special “Act of Honor,” the story of the young Marine Sergeant Rafael Peralta, a Mexican immigrant turned hero, who flung himself on a live grenade during an ambush by Iraqi insurgents to save the lives of his five platoon members.

As part of the commemorative schedule, History en Español will also air topical daily programming throughout the week, offering intelligent, thought-provoking series from the U.S. and Latin America spotlighting Latino roots and culture. This special Hispanic Heritage Month programming lineup includes:

The Sugar Curtain — An intimate portrait of a generation that began its studies in primary school when the Cuban regime was at its best economically — the mid-1970s. The film recounts this gen-eration’s childhood and explores what happened later, when the socialist regimes of Eastern Europe ceased to exist. It was at that moment that Cuba was left without allies, money or petroleum and the ideals of this generation were dismantled under the paralysis of the system. Airs on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 8pm.

Act of Honor — In November 2004, the Iraqi city of Fallujah was caught in a downward spiral of sectarian violence. After four American military contractors were brutally killed by a mob, U.S. coalition forces entered the city in an attempt to restore order. During the bitter battle that followed, dozens of American soldiers gave their lives, including the heroic Marine Sergeant Rafael Peralta, a 25-year-old Mexican immigrant, who flung himself on a live grenade during an ambush by Iraqi insurgents to save the lives of his five platoon members. The acclaimed one-hour documentary pays tribute to these soldiers’ sacrifices and those of their loved ones as it traces Peralta’s extraordinary journey from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego to the streets of Iraq. Sgt. Peralta’s family members and fellow Marines remember his life as a young man and exemplary war hero, as they grapple with the loss of son, brother and buddy in the theatre of war. Airs Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 8pm.

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