November 21, 2008

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“The End of Single Family Homes”

Recently I was looking at what is taking place in our neighborhoods. Foreclosures enacted at increasing rates, pushing people off their land removing the stored wealth of the single family home (the greatest single wealthy building tool of working families in our county) and building a Society of Renters. The current finance distress is little more than the most recent tool used, and now a wealth-less population much like the wealth-less population - such as peon, factory-town, surfs, sharecroppers and slaves from our past.

Tempted with over inflated values and easy access to ever larger home equity / refinance values allowed for consumerism to create Credit Slavery, and as the cost of living increased and earned wages decreased – it was, by design, intended to remove wealth from our community. We are the presents now being kicked-off the land. Foreclosed upon they attempt to re-sell these temples of Misery to other less impoverished workers, until the level of reserve wealth in the working class is removed to the point at which the banks will simply bulldozes down these single family homes. In their place, there will be constructed tick-tacky block houses that each worker may RENT.

There is only one-way to save the single-family home, our homes, and those homes belonging to our family and friends – even enemies; we must support each other. Really, support each other, like in days of old. When banks foreclosed on the farm, the farmers with land living around them refused to TAKE the land from their fellow and reinvested their own savings in that farm. The displaced farmer, after gaining access to his old farm at the lower- foreclosed and auctioned price (by community investment of his neighbors) was able to afford the new mortgage payment because it was a mortgage paid to the community – keeping the wealth generated by his labor in the community – allowing for community investment, and protection, to continue taking place. These were the first micro-loans; this was direct community reinvestment; for the interest was not shipped out of the community to some wealthy banker.

Micro-Loans, community reinvestment, stop the foreclosures and displacement of our families. Each time we work to save the home of a neighbor – we work to keep our own home and all the value the years of our own labors have put into it. So called Micro Loans from wealth sources outside our community are little more than economic vampires sucking the wealth out of our Barrios. In the form of interest and a lack of community attachment and lack of social responsibility which enable the non-community banks to foreclose in the first place, the wealth of our neighborhoods and families has been and is still being removed.

We can save our working class single-family homes, but neither you nor I will be able to do it alone; we must do it together. Talk among yourselves; reach out to your neighbor your friend even your enemy…, for if we do not start to work together to save our homes – those of us who make less than 60,000 a years will soon have no single family homes.

Gregory Morales
San Diego

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