November 7, 2008

Bestselling Author Victor Villaseñor to Visit Spring Valley Library

Bestselling local author Victor Villaseñor will visit the Spring Valley Library, 836 Kempton Street, on Monday, November 17, at 5:30 p.m. Villaseñor will participate in a book discussion and book signing. The author’s newest book, Crazy Loco Love, was released in September of this year.

Villaseñor is a veteran author of numerous short stories and novels including the highly-acclaimed bestsellers Burro Genius and Rain of Gold. Born in Carlsbad to Mexican parents, Villaseñor struggled academically, dropping out of high school his junior year to live in Mexico. His experiences there helped him recapture and understand the dignity and richness of his heritage, a theme that runs throughout his writing.

Crazy Loco Love explores the author’s adolescent search for meaning and identity growing up in southern California. A recent tags the author’s newest book as more than mere memoir, stating, “Villaseñor’s book is an outrageous mezcla/mix of autobiography, mysticism, folk tales and more.” The book departs in a new direction from Villaseñor’s previous work, revealing the tender vulnerability of a young man grappling with the struggles of adolescence.

Villaseñor’s work has brought Mexican-American culture and literature to a wide audience. The author brings a fresh perspective to a number of universal themes in his own candid and heartfelt manner, including the strength of family, world peace, the power of the written word, and dedication to education and personal achievement.

Victor Villaseñor will also visit the Imperial Beach Library, 810 Imperial Beach Blvd., Monday, December 8, at 6:30 p.m.

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