November 7, 2008

Hilltop’s Ramon Always Ready to Compete

By John Philip Wyllie

Whether it is fall, winter or spring you will find Hilltop senior Melissa Ramon competing for the Hilltop Lancers. At present she is the steady and hard working left wing on the school’s field hockey team. When that season concludes it is into the pool for water polo and following that it she will be swimming.

“Melissa started with us when she was young and she has become a very solid force on our team,” according to Lancer coach Lynn Garcia. “She has fought through injuries to both her knees and shoulders. She is a great all-around kid. She is the kind of kid you want on your team all the time. You wish they all could be just like her. Skill-wise, she plays left wing, which is a big running position. She is around the goal all the time and she scores a lot of our goals.”

Ramon had no previous experience playing field hockey before coming to Hilltop High four years ago.

Triple threat Melissa Ramon Photo: J.P. Wyllie

“During my freshman year I found out that a lot of my friends played, so I decided to try out.”

She quickly discovered that she liked it.

Currently the team’s leading scorer, Ramon sees her role as one of keeping everything under control and providing a lot of the team’s offense.

“I have scored in every game so far, so I think I have about seven goals,” she said.

Ramon thrives on competition. Performing in athletics for her school is one way she satisfies her competitive nature. While each sport offers her something different all three allow her get her competitive juices flowing.

“I like field hockey because it offers teamwork and a team effort. I like the running part of it and the competition. I’m very competitive, so I like that a lot. It is hard to compare swimming and field hockey. Swimming is more individual, but I enjoy both. I just love sports and I am hoping to get an athletic scholarship through one of them.”

She has some impressive goals in mind once she graduates next spring.

“I think my best shot is in water polo. I am looking at Arizona State University. Eventually, I want to enroll at one of the California universities for medical school.”

As a top-notch student with a 3.7 G.P.A. Ramon has a seemingly bright future ahead of her.

“I am just trying to maintain (her academic standing), working hard, trying to keep everything going and staying active.”

Staying active has never been a problem for Ramon. In addition to competing in three sports and excelling in the classroom, she is also the president of the Girl’s League.

“Girl’s League is a community service club. We help out with the organization of the school and we’re in the process of planning our dances for January and February.”

In between now and then you will find Ramon out on the field dancing around would-be defenders and adding to her already impressive goal total.

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